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The Learner Transcript module is part of the Pro Suite of modules for the Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit. Enabling this module and adding the associated shortcode to a page will generate a printable transcript for the active learner. It’s an easy way for learners to see a consolidated view of their overall course progress.

Live Demo

See this module in action on our LearnDash demo site!

Module Settings

The settings for the Learner Transcript module allow you to set a site logo (this can be different than the logo set for your theme) and transcript colors, per the screenshot below. The Logo URL can point to anywhere; in this example it’s on a CDN. Primarily UI Color changes the background color of the bar beneath the header with the course totals and overall quiz average. Primary Text Color changes the user’s name in the header. Accent UI Color changes the label text in the bar beneath the header, and Accent Text Color changes the values in the bar.



The settings above produce a transcript that looks like the image below.


Please note that the table can be sorted by all table headings by clicking the associated table heading.



The transcript shortcode can be added to any page. It does not support any attributes.

Transcript Page

The transcript can be quite large, so we recommend that you create a dedicated page for the transcript. Transcripts are only available to signed in users; there’s no way for administrators to view transcripts for all users. If this is required, consider using the User Switching plugin and then switch to the user and view the transcript as that user.

Transcript Printing

To print the transcript, use the Print button above the logo area rather than the browser’s print function. Only records shown on the page will be printed. Printing does vary by browser, and we recommend that you try different print options to find the view that works best for you. In Chrome, for example, we recommend you click More settings in the Print dialog, then make sure Headers and footers and Background graphics are both checked.

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8 replies
  1. Halle Brake
    Halle Brake says:

    Hi! I love this! However, I’d like to suggest a feature (or if this already exists I’d love to know) – A shortcode or option to change the color of the big blue bar at the top of the transcript. I know I can change some of the text, but it doesn’t seem that it’s possible to change that bar. It definitely clashes with my theme.


    • Ken Young
      Ken Young says:

      Hi Halle, the transcript module has a setting for “Primary UI Color”. This controls the color of the bar. You can access it from the Toolkit settings page by clicking the gear icon on the Learner Transcript module.

  2. ganesh
    ganesh says:

    May I know whether the course author can see only his/her published courses and the list of enrolled students with names for a particular course which is published by him, in the front end.

    • Ryan
      Ryan says:

      This module is ONLY for end users; the transcript is just shown for the signed in users. There is no way to choose other users. As an aside, none of our plugins support course authors viewing results for students of those courses. We have some reporting options for Group Leaders (not this module), but not authors.


        Is it possible to see the list of enrolled students for a particular course in the front end, for the signed in users who created the courses.

        • Ryan
          Ryan says:

          None of our plugins consider course author whatsoever. If the author is not also a Group Leader then none of our reports will work based on their status as the author.

  3. Sivaji Ganesh Chundu
    Sivaji Ganesh Chundu says:

    Is there any free trail available for Tin Canny Learn Dash reporting plugin or any refund policy once you buy the plugin.



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