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The Duplicate Pages & Posts module is part of the Pro Suite of modules for the Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit. It is used to easily clone pages and posts as well as LearnDash courses, lessons, topics, quizzes, quiz questions (LD 2.6+), certificates, and groups.  The duplicate LearnDash post will inherit any associated meta, settings, categories, tags, and custom taxonomies from the original.

Cloning Courses

When cloning a course with Shared Course Steps disabled, the cloned course will be empty, with no lessons, topics or quizzes.

When cloning a course with Shared Course Steps enabled, the cloned course will contain the same lessons, topics and quizzes as the original, and changing any of the objects in one will change them in the other.

Important Note: After enabling Shared Course Steps, when cloning a course that was created with Shared Course Steps disabled, the course structure must be modified and resaved before cloning to ensure that the steps are cloned.

Cloning LearnDash Quizzes

Where it really stands out is its ability to clone quizzes—including quiz questions. Most other duplication plugins will create significant problems when cloning quizzes.

In LearnDash prior to version 2.6, cloned quizzes will contain a set of questions completely separate from the original quiz.

In LearnDash 2.6+, there are two quiz duplication modes:

  • If the LearnDash setting Quiz Options > Shared Quiz Steps is disabled, the duplicated quiz will contain an independent copy of the original questions, and changing them in one quiz will not affect them in the other.
  • If the LearnDash setting Quiz Options > Shared Quiz Steps is enabled, the duplicated quiz will contain the same questions as the original, and changing them in one quiz will also change them in the other.



Duplication can be performed from the administrator list of courses, lessons, topics, quizzes and certificates, or it can be done from the Edit view of those post types.

Please note that cloning courses, lessons and topics duplicates that item only, not its children (i.e. duplicating a lesson will not duplicate associated topics and quizzes).

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18 replies
  1. Hilary Collins
    Hilary Collins says:

    Since the latest LearnDash update (v2.6.1), this feature causes a fatal error:
    Uncaught Error: Call to protected method LDLMS_Course_Steps::build_steps() from context ‘uncanny_pro_toolkit\ClonePostsPagesLearnDashContents’ in …wp-content/plugins/uncanny-toolkit-pro/src/classes/clone-posts-pages-learn-dash-contents.php:428

    However, if you just hit the back button, the post is successfully duplicated.

  2. Alfonso
    Alfonso says:

    I own a Pro license. I have a question, can a FULL course be duplicated 100% with all its lessons, topics and quizzes?

    Thanks a lot

    • Ken Young
      Ken Young says:

      If the LearnDash setting “Shared Course Steps” is enabled, this module will duplicate the course, keeping the associated lessons, topics and quizzes intact. This means that changing a lesson in the duplicate will change the lesson in the original, since they’re both “sharing” the same lesson. If “Shared Course Steps” is NOT enabled, this module will duplicate the course, but the duplicated course will be empty (no associated lessons, topics, etc.)

  3. David
    David says:

    First, thank you! Uncanny makes the cleanest, most reliable plugins for Learndash I’ve found….and I’ve done alot of searching!
    I have one quick question: Using the plugin, can courses, lessons, and quizzes be exported and installed on another site? If so, must they exported individually, or can a whole course be packaged to include all associated lessons and quizzes?
    Thanks so much!

    • Ken Young
      Ken Young says:

      Unfortunately, none of our plugins support exporting from or importing to another WordPress site. You can use various import/export plugins to copy the course, lesson and topic posts over, but the linkages between them (the course structure) would have to be rebuilt manually on the destination site, as post IDs will be different after import. LearnDash does include a built-in quiz import/export feature, so you could use that to move quizzes.

  4. Hugh Edwards
    Hugh Edwards says:

    What is the simplest/fastest process to duplicate a course and it’s associated lessons, topics and quizzes? So far it seems as though you have to do a lot of manual linking unless I’m just viewing it incorrectly?

  5. Reinhard
    Reinhard says:

    I’m thinking of purchasing the pro version. In the documentation it is not clear: If I clone a lesson, are the topics cloned as well?
    Best regards

    • Ryan
      Ryan says:

      They are NOT cloned. Have a look at the last part of the article; children are not cloned, only the post itself. Sorry about the confusion.

  6. NB
    NB says:


    It doesn’t work even with the “Shared Quiz Steps” activated. My course is cloned but empty.

    I am with the Learndash Version (upgraded from 3.0.7).


    • Ryan
      Ryan says:

      Please note that this module copies individual posts only, not an entire course. The same is true of quizzes, if the quizzes are made independent they won’t be cloned as children of the quiz.



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