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  • Fixed: Course Dashboard - Course IDs being output after course titles


  • Added: Course Dashboard - Support for Internet Explorer 11
  • Added: Group Expiration - Option to send group expiration email to group leaders only, instead of all group members
  • Added: Enhanced Course Grid - Setting for custom message displayed to users when no courses match the grid criteria
  • Added: Enhanced Course Grid - Filters for ribbon text: uo_course_grid_ribbon_text, uo_course_grid_ribbon_price
  • Updated: Course Dashboard - Results of topic-level quizzes now displayed
  • Updated: Autocomplete Lessons and Topics - Lessons/Topics are no longer autocompleted if the lesson/topic contains an assignment
  • Updated: Autocomplete Lessons and Topics on Quiz Results Page - Completing a course-level quiz will now mark the course complete on the quiz results page
  • Fixed: Certificate Preview - courseinfo shortcode now renders date formats correctly
  • Fixed: Certificate Preview - PHP Notices - Undefined variable
  • Fixed: Simple Course Timer - Typo in error message "You must be logged in."
  • Fixed: Gutenberg blocks were unavailable unless at least one module from the Uncanny Toolkit (free version) that contained a Gutenberg block was active
  • Fixed: Course Dashboard/Lazy Loading Course Navigation - jQuery issue with some minification plugins


  • Updated: Enhanced Course Grid - Now renders HTML in Short Description field (Note: the LearnDash Course Grid plugin removes HTML from this field and should be disabled if using HTML with the Uncanny Course Grid)
  • Updated: Drip Lessons by Group - Implemented via filter; no longer uses a template file override
  • Updated: Import Users - Blank rows in the uploaded .csv file are now ignored
  • Fixed: Drip Lessons by Group - Drip times were shifting by one hour across Daylight Savings Time changes
  • Fixed: Certificate Preview: PHP fatal error when including files in tcpdf/config/lang folder on some versions of LearnDash
  • Fixed: Learner Transcript - Dates are now displayed in the WordPress site language
  • Fixed: Learner Transcript - Completion dates are now displayed in the WordPress time zone
  • Fixed: Course Timer - PHP notice: "Trying to get property ID of non-object" on non-post pages (e.g. archives)
  • Fixed: Autocomplete Lessons and Topics when Gravity Form is Submitted - Mark Complete button no longer appears when Autocomplete Lessons and Topics is enabled
  • Fixed: Email Course Certificates - PHP notices due to uninitialized variables
  • Fixed: Enhanced Course Grid - Courses no longer disappear from grid when completed when not using attribute limit="all"


  • Fixed - Restrict Page Access - select2 JavaScript library conflict with LearnDash ProPanel
  • Fixed - Enhanced Course Grid - Courses with a non-numeric value in the course price field were showing as "Closed"


  • New Module: Group Forums with bbPress - Create group-specific discussion forums with bbPress.  Only group members will have access to group-specific forums.  Includes a handy widget. Learn more
  • New Module: Restrict Page Access - Restrict access to any page by role, logged in/out status, course enrollment or group membership. Display a message or automatically redirect users that are denied access
  • Added: Duplicate Pages and Posts - Support for renamed quiz tables
  • Added: Reset Button - Support for renamed quiz tables
  • Updated: Import Users - UI text is now translatable
  • Updated: EDD updater class
  • Fixed: Reset Progress Button - Some users losing access to courses when progress reset
  • Fixed: Enhanced Lesson/Topic Grid - PHP warning count(): Parameter must be an array or object that implements Countable
  • Fixed: Simple Course Timer - PHP notice on 404 pages Trying to get property of non-object
  • Fixed: Simple Course Timer - Idle dialog button text wrapping with longer strings
  • Fixed: Enhanced Course Grid - Closed courses showed as "Free" on older versions of LearnDash
  • Fixed: Enhanced Course Grid - Some course type strings were not translatable
  • Fixed: Group Registration - PHP notice Undefined index: gid


  • Added: Course Dashboard - Now shows available CEUs for each course if set with the Uncanny Continuing Education Credits plugin
  • Fixed: Learner Transcript - HTML bugs


  • Added: readme.txt file
  • Added: Enhanced Course Grid - Filters for developers (uo_courses_shortcode_args, uo_courses_shortcode_get_posts)
  • Updated: Group Drip - Completely rewritten and updated user interface to make it much easier to view and manage Group Drip dates
  • Updated: Import Users - Username is now optional in uploaded .csv files, making it easier to mass update users
  • Updated: Import Users - Whitespace before/after email addresses is now ignored instead of throwing an error
  • Updated: Autocomplete Lessons and Topics when Quiz is Graded - Now supports multiple essays per quiz
  • Updated: Simple Course Timer - Label on Disable Performance Mode checkbox reworded for clarity
  • Updated: Autocomplete Lessons and Topics on Gravity Form Submission - Next Lesson/Topic button is no longer visible unless Lesson/Topic is completed
  • Fixed: Import Users - Link to sample .csv file
  • Fixed: Enhanced Lesson/Topic Grid - Now properly handles sample lessons
  • Fixed: Simple Course Timer - Conflict with randomize quiz questions setting
  • Fixed: Simple Course Timer - Cookie hash issue causing time tracking issues on some site configurations
  • Fixed: Autocomplete Lessons and Topics on Gravity Form Submission - PHP Notice: Undefined variable
  • Fixed: .pot file errors preventing Loco Translate and other plugins from properly translating strings
  • Fixed: Reference to empty CSS file in /wp-admin


  • Added: Support for LearnDash 3.1
  • Added: Group Expiration - Setting to specify the number of days before expiration to send reminder email
  • Added: Lesson/Topic Grid - Support for sections in LearnDash 3.x
  • Added: Email Quiz Certificates - Filters to change save path (uo_quiz_certificate_save_path, uo_quiz_certificate_http_url), change file name (uo_quiz_completion_certificate_filename) and additional advanced filters (see KB)
  • Updated: Lesson/Topic Grid - Improved compatibility with Astra and GeneratePress themes
  • Updated: Group Expiration - Expiry date displayed to group members only, even when group_id attribute specified
  • Updated: Duplicate Pages and Posts - Improved compatibility with Uncanny LearnDash Groups (cloning a group now retains group leaders and seats)
  • Updated: Group Registration - Removed check for "Anyone can register" setting
  • Updated: Group Registration - Added redirect exclusion for Gravity registration forms to allow Gravity Forms post-submission filters/actions to execute
  • Updated: Simple Course Timer - Removed filters causing long Quiz save times on some systems
  • Updated: Simple Course Timer - Improved CSS in "Still working?" dialog
  • Updated: Simple Course Timer - Performance mode is now the default setting
  • Updated: Improved translation support
  • Updated: Group Registration - Registration form now ignores "Anyone can register" option in WordPress settings
  • Fixed: Group Registration - Gravity Forms integration preventing Gravity Forms' post-registration hooks from running
  • Fixed: Simple Course Timer - Time columns restored to front-end reports in Tin Canny LearnDash Reporting plugin
  • Fixed: uncanny-learndash-toolkit textdomain references updated to uncanny-pro-toolkit
  • Fixed: Autocomplete Lesson/Topic when Gravity Form is submitted - Users not automatically advanced to the next topic/lesson
  • Fixed: Autocomplete Lesson/Topic when Gravity Form is submitted - 500 error on WordPress < 5.0
  • Fixed: Autocomplete Lessons and Topics - Done button not showing up in last topic of lesson when LearnDash 3.0 template is selected
  • Fixed: Autocomplete Lessons and Topics - Topic-level override of Global Setting not working
  • Fixed: Autocomplete Lessons and Topics - Default setting on new topics and lessons was Disabled instead of Use Global Setting
  • Fixed: Course Dashboard - user_id attribute ignored for in legacy mode, defaulted to current_user
  • Fixed: Import LearnDash Users - Progress bar image URL on WordPress subfolder installs
  • Fixed: Autocomplete Lesson/Topic when Quiz is Graded - Added support for shared course steps
  • Fixed: Enhanced Course Grid - Issue with completed courses showing as in-progress on sites that have been translated
  • Fixed: Course Dashboard - Added additional quiz completion checks
  • Fixed: Improved Group Leader Interface - Group Leaders no longer trigger "Added to group" notifications (in the LearnDash Notifications plugin) on each login
  • Fixed: Error in .pot file that prevented translation into some languages


  • Added: Group Expiration - New shortcode uo_group_expiration_date that displays the current user's group expiration date.  Learn more
  • Added: Reset Progress Button - New attribute reset_tincanny="yes|no" enables the reset of Tin Canny data for modules in the course being reset. Note: Due to technical constraints, bookmark (resume) data for the modules is not reset.
  • Updated: Simple Course Timer - Removed "beta" label from performance mode
  • Updated: Simple Course Timer - Changed console.table to console.log for improved IE11 support when debugging is enabled
  • Updated: Enhanced Lesson/Topic Grid - When the grid is displayed, the Expand All button for the native LearnDash lesson/topic list is now hidden
  • Updated: Course Dashboard - Improved performance of Expand All/Collapse All
  • Updated: Import Users - Empty columns no longer required to use course and group enrollment options
  • Updated: Autocomplete Lessons and Topics - Next Lesson link now appears in autocompleted lessons/topics when using the LearnDash 3.0 template


  • Fixed: Drip Lessons by Group - Calendar icon was sometimes displayed next to available lessons on course page
  • Fixed: Drip Lessons by Group - Some users seeing incorrect drip dates for their group on course page


  • Fixed: Issue with "All Other Users" drip date not allowing access to lesson content for users not in groups with drip dates set


  • Added: Group Registration and Uncanny LearnDash Groups integration - When Uncanny LearnDash Groups is installed, users that register through a group's unique registration URL are automatically assigned a seat in that group.  With this module, distribution of registration keys is no longer required for self-registration. Details
  • Added: Import Users and Uncanny LearnDash Groups integration - When Uncanny LearnDash Groups is installed, users imported to a group are now assigned seats in the group.
  • Added: Group Drip and LearnDash Notifications integration - Users in groups can now receive "A scheduled lesson is available to user" notifications generated by the LearnDash Notifications plugin. Details
  • Fixed: Email Course/Quiz Certificates - Line breaks were being removed from email content
  • Fixed: Autocomplete Lessons and Topics - Override setting was not available on edit topic page
  • Fixed: Lazy Loading Course Navigation - When in a quiz, the course hierarchy did not expand
  • Fixed: Clone Pages and Posts - Cloning a page with Beaver Builder active caused a 500 error
  • Fixed: Clone Pages and Posts - Cloned quiz questions had meta values linked to the original question


  • Updated: Sample Lesson Label - Now identified as a legacy module
  • Updated: Autocomplete Lesson/Topic on Gravity Form Submission - Mark Complete button now hidden in LearnDash 3.0 "Focus Mode"
  • Fixed: Drip Lessons by Group - CSS was not being loaded on lesson pages in LearnDash 3.0 theme
  • Fixed: Enhanced Course Grid - Fatal Error when viewing the grid on some sites
  • Fixed: Removed errant references to Uncanny Automator plugin


  • Updated: Simple Course Timer - Improved translation support when used with Tin Canny LearnDash Reporting
  • Updated: Lazy Loading Course Navigation - Added nonce verification to REST API call
  • Fixed: Lazy Loading Course Navigation not loading properly on some lesson and topic pages
  • Fixed: Enhanced Lesson/Topic Grid - Quizzes are now displayed below lesson/topic grid when using LD 3.0 theme
  • Fixed: Import Users - Link to sample .csv file fixed
  • Fixed: Course Dashboard - 3.0 template incorrectly associating shared lessons/topics
  • Fixed: Course Dashboard - Category dropdown reported maximum 5 courses per category


  • Updated: Course Dashboard - Automatically switch to 3.0 theme when LearnDash 3.0 on LearnDash 3.0 theme is detected


  • Fixed: Drip Lessons by Group - Drip dates were not being displayed in group dropdown
  • Fixed: Course Dashboard - CSS for Legacy theme not loading if Legacy theme not explicitly selected in module settings


  • Fixed: Enhanced Lessons/Topics Grid - Removed debug output


IMPORTANT: If you have overridden the Course Dashboard template using a filter, note that the template file name and location has changed; you will need to update your filter function.
  • Added: Compatibility with LearnDash 3.0
  • Added: Course Dashboard - Ability to switch themes
  • Added: New Course Dashboard theme "3.0".  Modern and responsive HTML and CSS code.  Fully independent of LearnDash CSS, the new theme will greatly reduce WordPress theme conflicts, especially when the theme includes LearnDash-specific styling
  • Added: New Module: Lazy Loading Course Navigation - Loads the LearnDash Course Navigation widget via AJAX (after initial page load) to speed up page load times on sites with many courses, lessons, topics and/or quizzes
  • Added: New Module: Preview Certificate - Enables previewing of LearnDash certificates right from the Edit Certificate page
  • Added: Enhanced Lesson/Topic Grid - Added category and tag attributes
  • Updated: Email Course Certificates - %Group Name% token now works in email subject field
  • Updated: Drip Lessons by Group - Drip date/time now shown beside "All other users" in group selection dropdown (if set)
  • Updated: Enhanced Course Grid - Added CSS to prevent conflict with Social Learner theme
  • Fixed: Textdomain inconsistencies - replaced a few instances of uncanny-toolkit-pro with uncanny-pro-toolkit
  • Fixed: Drip Lessons by Group - Drip access not working when user is enrolled directly in a course with dripped lessons and is also a member of a group that does not have access to the course
  • Fixed: Autocomplete Lessons & Topics on Gravity Form Submission: Submitting the form now automatically advances the user to the next lesson/topic
  • Fixed: Drip Lessons by Group - Fixed PHP notice in uncanny-drip-lessons-by-group.php
  • Fixed: Gutenberg dependency reported by Query Monitor


  • Added: Automatic template overrides!  Override any file in the /src/templates folder by copying it into /uncanny-toolkit/ in your child theme (Requires Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit (free) version 3.1)
  • Updated: Improved Group Leader Interface: Added settings for Group Leader login redirect
  • Updated: Email Quiz Certificates: Added tokens for user's first and last name to admin/group leader email
  • Updated: Enhanced Lesson/Topic Grid: Moved grid element HTML to template file
  • Updated: Group Registration: Moved registration form HTML to template file
  • Updated: Group Registration: Added confirmation message when a user clicks the Join Group button
  • Updated: Group Registration: Improved translation support
  • Updated: Course Dashboard: Added localization support for drip dates
  • Updated: Email Quiz Certificates: Added localization support for quiz completion date
  • Fixed: Simple Course Timer: Course Completion Time and Course Total Time columns  now added properly to course and user reports (requires Tin Canny LearnDash Reporting plugin)


  • Added: Email Course Certificates - Option to send email via cron - may resolve issues on very large sites
  • Updated: Simple Course Timer - Increased z-index of idle alert dialog
  • Updated: Group Registration - CSS tweaked for improved theme compatibility
  • Updated: Course Dashboard / Enhanced Course Grid - Empty categories are no longer listed in category selector dropdowns
  • Updated: Days until Course Expiry - Sentence is now fully translatable in module settings
  • Updated: Days until Course Expiry - Removed deprecated "Pre-text" attribute from Gutenberg block
  • Fixed: Days until Course Expiry - When one day is remaining, the correct (singular) text is now displayed


  • Added: Simple Course Timer - Adds course time data to Tin Canny reports when Tin Canny LearnDash Reporting plugin is installed
  • Added: Email Course Certificates - Filters for saving/modifying data before pdf generation
  • Updated: Email Course Certificates - Added 20 second delay to email generation to ensure LearnDash completes course completion process
  • Fixed: Email Quiz Certificates - PHP class name for module


  • Added: Learner Transcript: Option to display only completed courses
  • Added: Learner Transcript: Filter to add total rows to custom columns
  • Added: Enhanced Course Grid: Filter on grid element buttons
  • Added: Show course Start button attribute in Gutenburg block
  • Updated: Enhanced Course Grid: Improved WPML support
  • Fixed: Log In Redirect not working with Group Login Redirect module enabled
  • Fixed: Done button not appearing in last topic of lessons


  • Added: Group Login Redirect - Shortcodes to output group login link and URLs ([uo_group_login_redirect_url] and [uo_group_login_redirect_link])
  • Updated: Learner Transcript - Improved performance on sites with many courses
  • Fixed: Import Users - display_name column now correctly populates users' display names
  • Fixed: Enhanced Course Grid - Added additional grid container to fix width issues on some sites
  • Fixed: Learner Transcript - Restored integration with CEU plugin and added module setting to toggle column on/off


  • This release features a completely overhauled Learner Transcript module, including:
    • A new modern, clean, responsive and mobile-friendly design
    • A customizable header including a logo, heading and organization name
    • Ability to hide or show columns and specify a sort order for courses
    • A customizable footer including a logo and footer text
    • Improved printing support
  • Added: New module: Autocomplete Lesson/Topic when Quiz is Graded
  • Added: New module: Group Login Redirect
  • Added: Support page for submitting a ticket directly from your site when a valid license key is detected
  • Added: Simple Course Timer - Setting to toggle debug info on/off
  • Added: Basic Gutenberg block support
  • Added: Course Dashboard - Ability to display a Category or Course Category dropdown menu filter
  • Added: Filter to override wp_mail_content_type for email certificate pdf modules (uo_apply_wp_mail_content_type)
  • Updated: Module names changed for consistency:
    • Drip Lessons by LearnDash Group > Drip Lessons by Group
    • LearnDash Course Dashboard > Course Dashboard
    • LearnDash Group Expiration > Group Expiration
    • LearnDash Group Logo/List > Group Logo/List
    • LearnDash Group Registration > Group Registration
    • Import LearnDash Users > Import Users
    • LearnDash Reset Button > Reset Button
    • LearnDash Table Colors > Lesson/Topic/Quiz Table Colors
  • Updated: Reset Button - A course_id attribute is no longer necessary if the shortcode is placed on a course page
  • Updated: Duplicate Pages and Posts - Duplicating a quiz in LearnDash 2.6+ has two modes depending on whether Shared Quiz Questions is enabled (see KB for details)
  • Updated: License activation page design
  • Updated: Autocomplete Lessons and Topics, Learner Transcript and Autocomplete Lessons and Topics on Quiz Results Page modules now use LearnDash API functions
  • Updated: Email Quiz Certificates - Subject and Body field labels in settings to make it clearer they apply to emails sent to the Administrator/Group Leader only
  • Updated: Course Dashboard - CSS no longer loads when the shortcode/block is not on the page
  • Fixed: Enhanced Course Grid - Text no longer wraps around the grid on some themes
  • Fixed: Enhanced Course Grid - link_to_course attribute now works for all course types
  • Fixed: Lesson/Topic Grid - Enabling the grid on a page no longer forces the "Course Materials" heading to be visible
  • Fixed: Reset Button - Fatal error on PHP 7+ when module was activated
  • Fixed: Duplicate Pages and Posts - Error when cloning posts on LD 2.6+
  • Fixed: "Import Users" menu link did not appear on some sites
  • Fixed: Course Dashboard - "Registered Courses" was not showing "Courses"
  • Fixed: Drip Lessons by LearnDash Group - Date is no longer shifted and drip icon (calendar) is no longer affected when module is enabled
  • Fixed: Autocomplete Lessons and Topics - Dripped lessons could be completed before they were dripped if the Drip Lessons by Group module was not enabled


  • Fixed: Autocomplete Lessons and Topics - Save error on lessons and topics when Gutenberg is enabled
  • Fixed: Autocomplete Lessons and Topics - Done button redirect now follows LearnDash logic
  • Fixed: Autocomplete Lessons and Topics - Done button now shows up if there's only one topic in a lesson
  • Fixed: Autocomplete Lessons and Topics - Done button is no longer clickable when Video Progression is enabled


  • Added: New Module - Course Progress Reset button - Give users a button that resets their progress in a course.  Also provides a PHP function to reset course progress for a user
  • Added: Import LearnDash Users - Ability to set users' display name in imported spreadsheet
  • Added: Enhanced Course Grid - Optional Start Course and Resume buttons with the attributes start_course_button="show|hide", resume_course_button="show|hide" (Resume button module must be active)
  • Added: Enhanced Course Grid - Optional category/course category filters with the attributes categoryselector="show|hide", course_categoryselector="show|hide"
  • Updated: Enhanced Course Grid - HTML output moved to template file
  • Fixed: Duplicate quiz links in Course Dashboard module


  • Added: New attribute to the Course Dashboard shortcode: expand_by_default="yes|no" to show the dashboard expanded by default on load
  • Updated: "Your certificate is attached with this email" text in email certificate modules is now translatable
  • Updated: Improved time zone support across all modules
  • Fixed: Fatal error in email course certificates module
  • Fixed: Quiz associations in the Course Dashboard module when Shared Course Steps is enabled
  • Fixed: Enhanced Lessons/Topics Grid now behaves as expected when "Hide Course Materials Table" is checked in course settings


  • Updated: Course Status label no longer displays on Enhanced Course Grid if hide_progress="yes"
  • Fixed: Autocomplete Lessons & Topics on Gravity Form Submission caused a 500 error when using an older version of Gravity Forms


  • Added: hide_progress="yes|no" attribute in Enhanced Course Grid module to enabling hiding the course progress bar to reduce overhead and speed up grid load times
  • Added: Option to ignore previous entries in Autocomplete Lessons and Topics on Gravity Forms Submission module
  • Updated: Learner Transcript module now shows all courses that the user has recorded progress for, whether or not they are current enrolled
  • Updated: Improved multisite compatibility of Import LearnDash Users module
  • Updated: Improved code accessibility of Enhanced Course Grid
  • Updated: [uo_group_organization] shortcode now accepts group_id="##" attribute
  • Fixed: Group Drip times saved incorrectly in some time zones
  • Fixed: lesson_id attribute now works in Enhanced Lesson/Topic Grid shortcode
  • Fixed: Email Course Certificate module sometimes sent two emails on course completion
  • Fixed: Timestamp in emailed certificate sometimes offset by several hours
  • Fixed: Typo on Import LearnDash Users interface
  • Fixed: Template override instructions for Course Dashboard module


  • Fixed: Autocomplete Lessons & Topics: Done button no longer shows up in all lessons.  Done button now shows up only when there is no obvious user action to take, e.g. in the last topic of a lesson and the last lesson of a course (provided there are no topics or quizzes attached to that lesson)


  • Added: .po file now included for translation
  • Added: do_action "uo_course_completion_time" in Course completion certificate that passes completion time
  • Added: do_action "uo_quiz_completion_time" in Quiz completion certificate that passes completion time
  • Added: Additional string localizations
  • Updated: Send Course Certificates by Email and Send Quiz Certificates by Email now support rich text formatting
  • Updated: Send Course Certificates by Email now supports sending different emails to the user and Group Leader/Site Admin
  • Fixed: %Group Name% variable now populates correctly in Send Course Certificates by Email
  • Fixed: "Done" button in "Autocomplete Lessons and Topics" module works more consistently
  • Fixed: License key could not be deactivated on some sites
  • Fixed: Fatal error for Course Completion Certificate module when assumed array is declared as a string
  • Fixed: TCPDF Image error in course completion certificate
  • Fixed: Undefined variable notices in Lesson/Topic Grid when course contains no lessons


  • Updated: Simple Course Timer with local data validation to prevent timer loop
  • Updated: Confirmation message on group registration page after the registration form is submitted and the user is logged in changed from: "Congratulations! You are now registered on this site. You will receive an email shortly with login details." to: "Congratulations!  You are now registered on this site."
  • Updated: Improved time zone handling of group drip dates/times
  • Fixed: Sample label no longer appears on quizzes in sample lessons
  • Fixed: Issue where UNIX timestamps were output along with group drip dates
  • Fixed: Issue where "Course Materials" and "Course Content" were both output when group drip dates are used


  • Fixed: LearnDash Course Dashboard compatibility issue with LearnDash versions earlier than 2.5


  • Updated: Group Drip dates are now stored in UNIX timestamp format for compatibility with non-English sites
  • Updated: LearnDash Course Dashboard supports proper permalinks in LearnDash 2.5+ with Shared Course Steps enabled
  • Updated: In the Enhanced Course Grid module, the "Course Status" text for in-progress courses is now translatable
  • Fixed: In the Import LearnDash Users module, First Name and Last Name email tokens now work correctly


  • Updated: "Done" button text in Autocomplete Lessons and Topics module is now translatable
  • Fixed: Simple Course Timer Quiz lockout feature now correctly blocks access to quiz on newer versions of LearnDash


  • Updated: Autocomplete Lessons & Topics on Gravity Form Submission now supports Gravity Forms "Save and Continue" function
  • Updated: LearnDash Course Dashboard shortcode now supports HTML in course titles
  • Fixed: Improved Group Leader Interface now checks a Group Leader's assigned courses when determining whether they should have access to dripped lessons prior to their "Available On" date
  • Fixed: Import LearnDash Users filter 'csv_wp_update_user' restored
  • Fixed: Group registration page layout issues on some themes
  • Fixed: False-positive PHP 7 compatibility issue fixed in Simple Course Timer module


  • Updated: Duplicate Pages and Posts clones courses properly in LearnDash 2.5+ with Shared Course Steps enabled
  • Fixed: Objects cloned by the Duplicate Pages and Posts module do not lose their category


  • Added: Shortcodes are now rendered in Enhanced Course Grid short descriptions
  • Added: New (beta) Course Timer polling method to reduce server overhead
  • Updated: Default Course Timer polling interval increased to 15 seconds from 10 seconds
  • Updated: Minimum Course Timer polling interval reduced to 5 seconds
  • Updated: Course Timer now tracks time consistently with "Shared Course Steps" enabled (LearnDash 2.5+)
  • Updated: Days until Course Expiry now works consistently with "Shared Course Steps" enabled (LearnDash 2.5+)
  • Fixed: Autocomplete Lessons and Topics module no longer autocompletes lessons that are not yet available (dripped)
  • Fixed: Group Drip module: "All other users" drip date no longer takes precedence over group drip dates
Known Issue: "Done" button in last topic of lesson may not forward the user to the appropriate page with "Shared Course Steps" enabled (LearnDash 2.5+)


  • Updated: Group Drip module now properly records drip time in addition to drip date


  • Updated: Improved theme compatibility of simple timer quiz lockout function
  • Updated: Course and Quiz Certificate emails now support post meta shortcodes
  • Updated: Error message when an imported user has a matching email but mismatched username
  • Fixed: Added missing namespace on some strings
  • Fixed: Row numbers reported in .csv upload errors
  • Fixed: Missing " in learn-dash-group-sign-up.php
  • Fixed: Import users settings page now populates default values on first run if settings have not yet been saved


  • Added: Course credit value from the Uncanny LearnDash Continuing Education Credits plugin is now displayed in the Enhanced Course Grid.
  • Fixed: Having Drip Lessons by Group module enabled no longer causes Hide Course Content Table setting to be ignored


  • Fixed: When Autocomplete Lessons and Topics is enabled, Done button in last topic of last lesson now returns the user to the course page
  • Fixed: Bug in multiple modules that triggered the course complete action on page load
  • Fixed: Send Course Certificates by email no longer emails certificates repeatedly on course, lesson and topic page load when certain other modules are enabled
  • Fixed: When Send Course Certificates by Email is enabled, an email is no longer sent when a completed course does not have an associated certificate
  • Fixed: Enhanced Lessons/Topics Grid now works with Hide Course Content Table setting


  • Added: Support for the new Uncanny Continuing Education Credits plugin
  • Updated: Removed Save Changes button on license activation page
  • Updated: Adding the Enhanced Lessons/Topics Grid shortcode to a course or lesson page suppresses the LearnDash lesson/topic table
  • Updated: Adding the Enhanced Lessons/Topics Grid shortcode to a course or lesson page while the module is enabled globally suppresses the global grid on that page
  • Updated: The Enhanced Lessons/Topics Grid elements are forced to 100% width within the grid
  • Updated: The Enhanced Lessons/Topics Grid displays lesson and group lesson drip dates
  • Fixed: View More button on Enhanced Course Grid
  • Fixed: Knowledge Base link for Enhanced Lessons/Topics Grid module
  • Fixed: Autocomplete Lesson/Topic on Quiz Results Page without clicking "Click here to continue" button


  • Fixed: Removed extraneous text from Autocomplete Lessons and Topics module


  • Fixed: Removed extraneous text from Autocomplete Lessons and Topics module
  • Fixed: Remove sample tag on topics


  • New module: Enhanced Lessons/Topics Grid
  • New module: Send Course Certificates by Email
  • Added: New attribute "show" for uo_dashboard shortcode (enrolled, open, all)
  • Updated: Autocomplete Lessons and Topics now allows autocompletion of topics in any order
  • Updated: When Autocomplete Lessons and Topics is enabled, the Done button on the last topic in a lesson goes to next lesson if the lesson is complete
  • Updated: LearnDash Table Colors module now makes color !important to work in more situations


  • Added actions and filters to Import Users module to allow more flexible profile data
  • Added filters to Transcript to change default number of rows
  • Fixed course timer loop when user was not logged in
  • Fixed typos in Transcript and Import Users modules
  • Fixed View More button in the course grid when the number of columns equaled the number of courses
  • Fixed 404 console error in wp-admin when Drip Lessons by Group was enabled


  • Added: Currency attribute to Enhanced Course Grid shortcode
  • Added: Preliminary support for upcoming Group Management plugin
  • Fixed: Modules not saving when slashes are removed during wp_options save
  • Fixed: Statistics popup in uo_dashboard shortcode
  • Fixed: Link to certificate in uo_dashboard shortcode covered link to course
  • Fixed: Alignment of course name and certificate icon in uo_dashboard shortcode
  • Fixed: Display Mark Complete button when gravity form setting is unchecked


  • Added ld_category attribute in Enhanced Course Grid shortcode to support LearnDash course categories
  • Updated Drip Lessons by LearnDash Group module for new drip date format
  • Fixed missing CSS class when ignore_default_sorting attribute is added to Enhanced Course Grid shortcode


  • Added: Error checking for blank rows in Import LearnDash Users CSV files
  • Added: More variables for new user email templates for Import LearnDash Users
  • Added: Mark Complete button when a Gravity Form is on a lesson with completed topics
  • Updated: Use LearnDash custom course, lesson, topic, and quiz labels in Transcript
  • Fixed: generate PDF quiz id failing on some servers


  • Fixed: New user upload stall


  • Added: New module, Import LearnDash Users
  • Added: Course description to Enhanced Course Grid
  • Updated: Group Leader Access to view dashboard & added ability to view ProPanel widget
  • Updated: Course Timer inline-css for settings panel
  • Updated: Group Drip to let user view lessons on earliest date if in multiple groups
  • Updated: UI tweaks
  • Updated: Plugin licensing and updating
  • Fixed: PDF certificate orientation & size
  • Fixed: PDF certificate online view more consistent with email output
  • Fixed: timestamp handling
  • Fixed: Course Grid hide View More when limit is set to all
  • Fixed: Course Grid added (int) to limit grids
  • Fixed: Group Registration redirect to avoid cached page
  • Fixed: Group Registration permalink
  • Fixed: Redirect_to on wp_login filter to improve login process for Group Leader module
  • Fixed: Group Drip to let admin view contents
  • Fixed: Group Sign up login form 502 gateway error on WP Engine
  • Fixed: Simple timer missing data in LearnDash 2.3 CSV report


  • Added: New module, Group Leader Experience
  • Added: New module, Send Certificates by Email
  • Added: New module, Autocomplete Lesson, Topic on Quiz Completion
  • Updated: Made Group Registration sign up lines translatable
  • Updated: Course Grid to truly ignore default sorting for enrolled courses
  • Updated: Course Grid to be flex for consistent heights
  • Updated: Sort-able Expiry Date column for Group Expiration Module
  • Fixed: Done button behavior inconsistent if lesson contains quiz


  • Added: Course sorting in course dashboard shortcode
  • Fixed: Missing Mark Complete button when global Autocomplete is disabled


  • Added: Show post navigation links if autocomplete is enabled
  • Updated: Repositioned sample lesson tag to be more mobile friendly
  • Updated: Made transcript fully translatable
  • Fixed: Typo in learner transcript column headers
  • Fixed: Enable Quizzes after X time not removed in certain themes
  • Fixed: Random redirect on quiz completion in Safari/Firefox
  • Fixed: Group signup URL registration link key causing URL error


  • Added: Course Timer feature - Only allow access to a quiz when time spent in the course EQUALS OR EXCEEDS a specified number of minutes
  • Added: "Done" button in last topic within a lesson when Autocomplete Lessons & Topics is enabled
  • Updated: Made fonts consistent across transcript PDF
  • Fixed: Topics with quizzes are not autocompleted


  • Fixed: Autocompletion issue


  • Added: Sample Lesson Label module
  • Added: Deactivate Pro version if Free version is not activated, link to Free download
  • Added: Ctrl+P print function on transcript
  • Updated: Transcript print styles
  • Updated: Course dashboard HTML and CSS to better support long course names
  • Updated: Allow timer to resume after it has been paused for up to 48 hours
  • Updated: Group registration provides immediate access to courses
  • Fixed: Enhanced Course Grid CSS override theme path (/wp-content/themes/your-theme/uncanny-toolkit-pro/css/course-grid-view.css)
  • Fixed: Do not autocomplete lesson if previous lesson is not completed and lesson progression is enabled


  • Added new sorting and ordering options to course grid
  • Added logo option for LearnDash Groups
  • Added shortcode that lists LearnDash Groups for user


  • Fixed a conflict with Duplicate Posts & Pages and WooCommerce products.


  • Added improved support for alternative slugs for LearnDash post types.


  • Initial Release.

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