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  • Added: Automatic template overrides!  Override any file in the /src/templates folder by copying it into /uncanny-toolkit/ in your child theme
  • Updated: Improved Group Leader Interface: Added settings for Group Leader login redirect
  • Updated: Email Quiz Certificates: Added tokens for user’s first and last name to admin/group leader email
  • Updated: Enhanced Lesson/Topic Grid: Moved grid element HTML to template file
  • Updated: Group Registration: Moved registration form HTML to template file
  • Updated: Group Registration: Added confirmation message when a user clicks the Join Group button
  • Updated: Group Registration: Improved translation support
  • Updated: Course Dashboard: Added localization support for drip dates
  • Updated: Email Quiz Certificates: Added localization support for quiz completion date
  • Fixed: Simple Course Timer: Course Completion Time and Course Total Time columns  now added properly to course and user reports (requires Tin Canny LearnDash Reporting plugin)


  • Added: Email Course Certificates – Option to send email via cron – may resolve issues on very large sites
  • Updated: Simple Course Timer – Increased z-index of idle alert dialog
  • Updated: Group Registration – CSS tweaked for improved theme compatibility
  • Updated: Course Dashboard / Enhanced Course Grid – Empty categories are no longer listed in category selector dropdowns
  • Updated: Days until Course Expiry – Sentence is now fully translatable in module settings
  • Updated: Days until Course Expiry – Removed deprecated “Pre-text” attribute from Gutenberg block
  • Fixed: Days until Course Expiry – When one day is remaining, the correct (singular) text is now displayed


  • Added: Simple Course Timer – Adds course time data to Tin Canny reports when Tin Canny LearnDash Reporting plugin is installed
  • Added: Email Course Certificates – Filters for saving/modifying data before pdf generation
  • Updated: Email Course Certificates – Added 20 second delay to email generation to ensure LearnDash completes course completion process
  • Fixed: Email Quiz Certificates – PHP class name for module


  • Added: Learner Transcript: Option to display only completed courses
  • Added: Learner Transcript: Filter to add total rows to custom columns
  • Added: Enhanced Course Grid: Filter on grid element buttons
  • Added: Show course Start button attribute in Gutenburg block
  • Updated: Enhanced Course Grid: Improved WPML support
  • Fixed: Log In Redirect not working with Group Login Redirect module enabled
  • Fixed: Done button not appearing in last topic of lessons


  • Added: Group Login Redirect – Shortcodes to output group login link and URLs ([uo_group_login_redirect_url] and [uo_group_login_redirect_link])
  • Updated: Learner Transcript – Improved performance on sites with many courses
  • Fixed: Import Users – display_name column now correctly populates users’ display names
  • Fixed: Enhanced Course Grid – Added additional grid container to fix width issues on some sites
  • Fixed: Learner Transcript – Restored integration with CEU plugin and added module setting to toggle column on/off


  • This release features a completely overhauled Learner Transcript module, including:
    • A new modern, clean, responsive and mobile-friendly design
    • A customizable header including a logo, heading and organization name
    • Ability to hide or show columns and specify a sort order for courses
    • A customizable footer including a logo and footer text
    • Improved printing support
  • Added: New module: Autocomplete Lesson/Topic when Quiz is Graded
  • Added: New module: Group Login Redirect
  • Added: Support page for submitting a ticket directly from your site when a valid license key is detected
  • Added: Simple Course Timer – Setting to toggle debug info on/off
  • Added: Basic Gutenberg block support
  • Added: Course Dashboard – Ability to display a Category or Course Category dropdown menu filter
  • Added: Filter to override wp_mail_content_type for email certificate pdf modules (uo_apply_wp_mail_content_type)
  • Updated: Module names changed for consistency:
    • Drip Lessons by LearnDash Group > Drip Lessons by Group
    • LearnDash Course Dashboard > Course Dashboard
    • LearnDash Group Expiration > Group Expiration
    • LearnDash Group Logo/List > Group Logo/List
    • LearnDash Group Registration > Group Registration
    • Import LearnDash Users > Import Users
    • LearnDash Reset Button > Reset Button
    • LearnDash Table Colors > Lesson/Topic/Quiz Table Colors
  • Updated: Reset Button – A course_id attribute is no longer necessary if the shortcode is placed on a course page
  • Updated: Duplicate Pages and Posts – Duplicating a quiz in LearnDash 2.6+ has two modes depending on whether Shared Quiz Questions is enabled (see KB for details)
  • Updated: License activation page design
  • Updated: Autocomplete Lessons and Topics, Learner Transcript and Autocomplete Lessons and Topics on Quiz Results Page modules now use LearnDash API functions
  • Updated: Email Quiz Certificates – Subject and Body field labels in settings to make it clearer they apply to emails sent to the Administrator/Group Leader only
  • Updated: Course Dashboard – CSS no longer loads when the shortcode/block is not on the page
  • Fixed: Enhanced Course Grid – Text no longer wraps around the grid on some themes
  • Fixed: Enhanced Course Grid – link_to_course attribute now works for all course types
  • Fixed: Lesson/Topic Grid – Enabling the grid on a page no longer forces the “Course Materials” heading to be visible
  • Fixed: Reset Button – Fatal error on PHP 7+ when module was activated
  • Fixed: Duplicate Pages and Posts – Error when cloning posts on LD 2.6+
  • Fixed: “Import Users” menu link did not appear on some sites
  • Fixed: Course Dashboard – “Registered Courses” was not showing “Courses”
  • Fixed: Drip Lessons by LearnDash Group – Date is no longer shifted and drip icon (calendar) is no longer affected when module is enabled
  • Fixed: Autocomplete Lessons and Topics – Dripped lessons could be completed before they were dripped if the Drip Lessons by Group module was not enabled


  • Fixed: Autocomplete Lessons and Topics – Save error on lessons and topics when Gutenberg is enabled
  • Fixed: Autocomplete Lessons and Topics – Done button redirect now follows LearnDash logic
  • Fixed: Autocomplete Lessons and Topics – Done button now shows up if there’s only one topic in a lesson
  • Fixed: Autocomplete Lessons and Topics – Done button is no longer clickable when Video Progression is enabled


  • Added: New Module – Course Progress Reset button – Give users a button that resets their progress in a course.  Also provides a PHP function to reset course progress for a user
  • Added: Import LearnDash Users – Ability to set users’ display name in imported spreadsheet
  • Added: Enhanced Course Grid – Optional Start Course and Resume buttons with the attributes start_course_button=”show|hide”, resume_course_button=”show|hide” (Resume button module must be active)
  • Added: Enhanced Course Grid – Optional category/course category filters with the attributes categoryselector=”show|hide”, course_categoryselector=”show|hide”
  • Updated: Enhanced Course Grid – HTML output moved to template file
  • Fixed: Duplicate quiz links in Course Dashboard module
  • Fixed: Gravity Forms plugin not detected on some servers


  • Added: New attribute to the Course Dashboard shortcode: expand_by_default=”yes|no” to show the dashboard expanded by default on load
  • Updated: “Your certificate is attached with this email” text in email certificate modules is now translatable
  • Updated: Improved time zone support across all modules
  • Fixed: Fatal error in email course certificates module
  • Fixed: Quiz associations in the Course Dashboard module when Shared Course Steps is enabled
  • Fixed: Enhanced Lessons/Topics Grid now behaves as expected when “Hide Course Materials Table” is checked in course settings


  • Updated: Course Status label no longer displays on Enhanced Course Grid if hide_progress=”yes”
  • Fixed: Autocomplete Lessons & Topics on Gravity Form Submission caused a 500 error when using an older version of Gravity Forms


  • Added: hide_progress=”yes|no” attribute in Enhanced Course Grid module to enabling hiding the course progress bar to reduce overhead and speed up grid load times
  • Added: Option to ignore previous entries in Autocomplete Lessons and Topics on Gravity Forms Submission module
  • Updated: Learner Transcript module now shows all courses that the user has recorded progress for, whether or not they are current enrolled
  • Updated: Improved multisite compatibility of Import LearnDash Users module
  • Updated: Improved code accessibility of Enhanced Course Grid
  • Updated: [uo_group_organization] shortcode now accepts group_id=”##” attribute
  • Fixed: Group Drip times saved incorrectly in some time zones
  • Fixed: lesson_id attribute now works in Enhanced Lesson/Topic Grid shortcode
  • Fixed: Email Course Certificate module sometimes sent two emails on course completion
  • Fixed: Timestamp in emailed certificate sometimes offset by several hours
  • Fixed: Typo on Import LearnDash Users interface
  • Fixed: Template override instructions for Course Dashboard module


  • Fixed: Autocomplete Lessons & Topics: Done button no longer shows up in all lessons.  Done button now shows up only when there is no obvious user action to take, e.g. in the last topic of a lesson and the last lesson of a course (provided there are no topics or quizzes attached to that lesson)


  • Added: .po file now included for translation
  • Added: do_action “uo_course_completion_time” in Course completion certificate that passes completion time
  • Added: do_action “uo_quiz_completion_time” in Quiz completion certificate that passes completion time
  • Added: Additional string localizations
  • Updated: Send Course Certificates by Email and Send Quiz Certificates by Email now support rich text formatting
  • Updated: Send Course Certificates by Email now supports sending different emails to the user and Group Leader/Site Admin
  • Fixed: %Group Name% variable now populates correctly in Send Course Certificates by Email
  • Fixed: “Done” button in “Autocomplete Lessons and Topics” module works more consistently
  • Fixed: License key could not be deactivated on some sites
  • Fixed: Fatal error for Course Completion Certificate module when assumed array is declared as a string
  • Fixed: TCPDF Image error in course completion certificate
  • Fixed: Undefined variable notices in Lesson/Topic Grid when course contains no lessons


  • Updated: Simple Course Timer with local data validation to prevent timer loop
  • Updated: Confirmation message on group registration page after the registration form is submitted and the user is logged in changed from: “Congratulations! You are now registered on this site. You will receive an email shortly with login details.” to: “Congratulations!  You are now registered on this site.”
  • Updated: Improved time zone handling of group drip dates/times
  • Fixed: Sample label no longer appears on quizzes in sample lessons
  • Fixed: Issue where UNIX timestamps were output along with group drip dates
  • Fixed: Issue where “Course Materials” and “Course Content” were both output when group drip dates are used


  • Fixed: LearnDash Course Dashboard compatibility issue with LearnDash versions earlier than 2.5


  • Updated: Group Drip dates are now stored in UNIX timestamp format for compatibility with non-English sites
  • Updated: LearnDash Course Dashboard supports proper permalinks in LearnDash 2.5+ with Shared Course Steps enabled
  • Updated: In the Enhanced Course Grid module, the “Course Status” text for in-progress courses is now translatable
  • Fixed: In the Import LearnDash Users module, First Name and Last Name email tokens now work correctly


  • Updated: “Done” button text in Autocomplete Lessons and Topics module is now translatable
  • Fixed: Simple Course Timer Quiz lockout feature now correctly blocks access to quiz on newer versions of LearnDash


  • Updated: Autocomplete Lessons & Topics on Gravity Form Submission now supports Gravity Forms “Save and Continue” function
  • Updated: LearnDash Course Dashboard shortcode now supports HTML in course titles
  • Fixed: Improved Group Leader Interface now checks a Group Leader’s assigned courses when determining whether they should have access to dripped lessons prior to their “Available On” date
  • Fixed: Import LearnDash Users filter ‘csv_wp_update_user’ restored
  • Fixed: Group registration page layout issues on some themes
  • Fixed: False-positive PHP 7 compatibility issue fixed in Simple Course Timer module


  • Updated: Duplicate Pages and Posts clones courses properly in LearnDash 2.5+ with Shared Course Steps enabled
  • Fixed: Objects cloned by the Duplicate Pages and Posts module do not lose their category


  • Added: Shortcodes are now rendered in Enhanced Course Grid short descriptions
  • Added: New (beta) Course Timer polling method to reduce server overhead
  • Updated: Default Course Timer polling interval increased to 15 seconds from 10 seconds
  • Updated: Minimum Course Timer polling interval reduced to 5 seconds
  • Updated: Course Timer now tracks time consistently with “Shared Course Steps” enabled (LearnDash 2.5+)
  • Updated: Days until Course Expiry now works consistently with “Shared Course Steps” enabled (LearnDash 2.5+)
  • Fixed: Autocomplete Lessons and Topics module no longer autocompletes lessons that are not yet available (dripped)
  • Fixed: Group Drip module: “All other users” drip date no longer takes precedence over group drip dates

Known Issue: “Done” button in last topic of lesson may not forward the user to the appropriate page with “Shared Course Steps” enabled (LearnDash 2.5+)


  • Updated: Group Drip module now properly records drip time in addition to drip date


  • Updated: Improved theme compatibility of simple timer quiz lockout function
  • Updated: Course and Quiz Certificate emails now support post meta shortcodes
  • Updated: Error message when an imported user has a matching email but mismatched username
  • Fixed: Added missing namespace on some strings
  • Fixed: Row numbers reported in .csv upload errors
  • Fixed: Missing ” in learn-dash-group-sign-up.php
  • Fixed: Import users settings page now populates default values on first run if settings have not yet been saved


  • Added: Course credit value from the Uncanny LearnDash Continuing Education Credits plugin is now displayed in the Enhanced Course Grid.
  • Fixed: Having Drip Lessons by Group module enabled no longer causes Hide Course Content Table setting to be ignored


  • Fixed: When Autocomplete Lessons and Topics is enabled, Done button in last topic of last lesson now returns the user to the course page
  • Fixed: Bug in multiple modules that triggered the course complete action on page load
  • Fixed: Send Course Certificates by email no longer emails certificates repeatedly on course, lesson and topic page load when certain other modules are enabled
  • Fixed: When Send Course Certificates by Email is enabled, an email is no longer sent when a completed course does not have an associated certificate
  • Fixed: Enhanced Lessons/Topics Grid now works with Hide Course Content Table setting


  • Added: Support for the new Uncanny Continuing Education Credits plugin
  • Updated: Removed Save Changes button on license activation page
  • Updated: Adding the Enhanced Lessons/Topics Grid shortcode to a course or lesson page suppresses the LearnDash lesson/topic table
  • Updated: Adding the Enhanced Lessons/Topics Grid shortcode to a course or lesson page while the module is enabled globally suppresses the global grid on that page
  • Updated: The Enhanced Lessons/Topics Grid elements are forced to 100% width within the grid
  • Updated: The Enhanced Lessons/Topics Grid displays lesson and group lesson drip dates
  • Fixed: View More button on Enhanced Course Grid
  • Fixed: Knowledge Base link for Enhanced Lessons/Topics Grid module
  • Fixed: Autocomplete Lesson/Topic on Quiz Results Page without clicking “Click here to continue” button


  • Fixed: Removed extraneous text from Autocomplete Lessons and Topics module


  • Fixed: Removed extraneous text from Autocomplete Lessons and Topics module
  • Fixed: Remove sample tag on topics


  • New module: Enhanced Lessons/Topics Grid
  • New module: Send Course Certificates by Email
  • Added: New attribute “show” for uo_dashboard shortcode (enrolled, open, all)
  • Updated: Autocomplete Lessons and Topics now allows autocompletion of topics in any order
  • Updated: When Autocomplete Lessons and Topics is enabled, the Done button on the last topic in a lesson goes to next lesson if the lesson is complete
  • Updated: LearnDash Table Colors module now makes color !important to work in more situations


  • Added actions and filters to Import Users module to allow more flexible profile data
  • Added filters to Transcript to change default number of rows
  • Fixed course timer loop when user was not logged in
  • Fixed typos in Transcript and Import Users modules
  • Fixed View More button in the course grid when the number of columns equaled the number of courses
  • Fixed 404 console error in wp-admin when Drip Lessons by Group was enabled


  • Added: Currency attribute to Enhanced Course Grid shortcode
  • Added: Preliminary support for upcoming Group Management plugin
  • Fixed: Modules not saving when slashes are removed during wp_options save
  • Fixed: Statistics popup in uo_dashboard shortcode
  • Fixed: Link to certificate in uo_dashboard shortcode covered link to course
  • Fixed: Alignment of course name and certificate icon in uo_dashboard shortcode
  • Fixed: Display Mark Complete button when gravity form setting is unchecked


  • Added ld_category attribute in Enhanced Course Grid shortcode to support LearnDash course categories
  • Updated Drip Lessons by LearnDash Group module for new drip date format
  • Fixed missing CSS class when ignore_default_sorting attribute is added to Enhanced Course Grid shortcode


  • Added: Error checking for blank rows in Import LearnDash Users CSV files
  • Added: More variables for new user email templates for Import LearnDash Users
  • Added: Mark Complete button when a Gravity Form is on a lesson with completed topics
  • Updated: Use LearnDash custom course, lesson, topic, and quiz labels in Transcript
  • Fixed: generate PDF quiz id failing on some servers


  • Fixed: New user upload stall


  • Added: New module, Import LearnDash Users
  • Added: Course description to Enhanced Course Grid
  • Updated: Group Leader Access to view dashboard & added ability to view ProPanel widget
  • Updated: Course Timer inline-css for settings panel
  • Updated: Group Drip to let user view lessons on earliest date if in multiple groups
  • Updated: UI tweaks
  • Updated: Plugin licensing and updating
  • Fixed: PDF certificate orientation & size
  • Fixed: PDF certificate online view more consistent with email output
  • Fixed: timestamp handling
  • Fixed: Course Grid hide View More when limit is set to all
  • Fixed: Course Grid added (int) to limit grids
  • Fixed: Group Registration redirect to avoid cached page
  • Fixed: Group Registration permalink
  • Fixed: Redirect_to on wp_login filter to improve login process for Group Leader module
  • Fixed: Group Drip to let admin view contents
  • Fixed: Group Sign up login form 502 gateway error on WP Engine
  • Fixed: Simple timer missing data in LearnDash 2.3 CSV report


  • Added: New module, Group Leader Experience
  • Added: New module, Send Certificates by Email
  • Added: New module, Autocomplete Lesson, Topic on Quiz Completion
  • Updated: Made Group Registration sign up lines translatable
  • Updated: Course Grid to truly ignore default sorting for enrolled courses
  • Updated: Course Grid to be flex for consistent heights
  • Updated: Sort-able Expiry Date column for Group Expiration Module
  • Fixed: Done button behavior inconsistent if lesson contains quiz


  • Added: Course sorting in course dashboard shortcode
  • Fixed: Missing Mark Complete button when global Autocomplete is disabled


  • Added: Show post navigation links if autocomplete is enabled
  • Updated: Repositioned sample lesson tag to be more mobile friendly
  • Updated: Made transcript fully translatable
  • Fixed: Typo in learner transcript column headers
  • Fixed: Enable Quizzes after X time not removed in certain themes
  • Fixed: Random redirect on quiz completion in Safari/Firefox
  • Fixed: Group signup URL registration link key causing URL error


  • Added: Course Timer feature – Only allow access to a quiz when time spent in the course EQUALS OR EXCEEDS a specified number of minutes
  • Added: “Done” button in last topic within a lesson when Autocomplete Lessons & Topics is enabled
  • Updated: Made fonts consistent across transcript PDF
  • Fixed: Topics with quizzes are not autocompleted


  • Fixed: Autocompletion issue


  • Added: Sample Lesson Label module
  • Added: Deactivate Pro version if Free version is not activated, link to Free download
  • Added: Ctrl+P print function on transcript
  • Updated: Transcript print styles
  • Updated: Course dashboard HTML and CSS to better support long course names
  • Updated: Allow timer to resume after it has been paused for up to 48 hours
  • Updated: Group registration provides immediate access to courses
  • Fixed: Enhanced Course Grid CSS override theme path (/wp-content/themes/your-theme/uncanny-toolkit-pro/css/course-grid-view.css)
  • Fixed: Do not autocomplete lesson if previous lesson is not completed and lesson progression is enabled


  • Added new sorting and ordering options to course grid
  • Added logo option for LearnDash Groups
  • Added shortcode that lists LearnDash Groups for user


  • Fixed a conflict with Duplicate Posts & Pages and WooCommerce products.


  • Added improved support for alternative slugs for LearnDash post types.


  • Initial Release.

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