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Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit Pro – Quick Reference

Autocomplete Lessons & TopicsN/AWhen enabled, Lessons and Topics are automatically marked complete on load. Can be set globally or per-page.
Autocomplete Lessons & Topics on Gravity Forms SubmissionN/ALets you control whether or not to automatically mark a lesson or topic as completed when you submit a Gravity Form on that page.
Autocomplete Lessons & Topics on Quiz Results PageN/AWhen enabled, this module automatically marks LearnDash lessons and topics as completed when the user reaches the results page of an associated quiz with a passing mark.
Days Until Course Expiry[uo_expiration_in]Displays the days remaining until the course expires for the current user.
Drip Lessons by LearnDash GroupN/AAdds an option to drip lessons to different LearnDash Groups on specified dates and times. Accessed from the Edit Lesson page.
Duplicate Pages & PostsN/AEnables easy duplication of pages, posts, courses, lessons, topics, quizzes, certificates, and groups.
Enhanced Course Grid[uo_courses]Displays courses in a flexible grid format. See full documentation for available configuration options.
Enhanced Lesson/Topic Grid[uo_lessons_topics_grid]When added to a page it will automatically display the lessons or topics in grid format.
Improved Group Leader InterfaceN/AStreamlines the Group Leader interface by removing unnecessary elements and emphasizing the important ones. Automatically makes group leaders members of the group(s) they manage and enrolls them in the courses.
Import LearnDash UsersN/ALets you not only create new users in bulk but also add them to courses and LearnDash Groups, all from a CSV file.
LearnDash Course Dashboard[uo_dashboard ]Displays a responsive list of the user's enrolled courses. Courses can be expanded to display lessons, topics and quiz results.
LearnDash Group ExpirationN/AEnables expiration of courses for LearnDash groups, as well as expiration notification via email.
LearnDash Group Registration[uo_group_status]
Enable users to register themselves directly into LearnDash groups and to switch groups from the front end. Requires setup - see full documentation.
LearnDash Group Logo/List[uo_group_logo]
Show group logo(s) (based on the signed-in user) and group name(s) in the front end via shortcodes.
LearnDash Table ColorsN/AEnables changing the colors of LearnDash table headings.
Learner Transcript[uo_transcript]Displays printable LearnDash transcript for the current user.
Sample Lesson LabelN/ALets you add and customize labels for sample lessons.
Simple Course Timer[uo_time]
Tracks time users spend in courses. Optional shortcodes display total time spent or time until course completion. Enables blocking access to quizzes until minimum time spent in course.
Send Course Certificates by EmailN/AAttaches a certificate to the email that is sent to the user upon the successful completion of a course
Send Quiz Certificates by EmailN/AAttaches a certificate to the email that is sent to the user upon the successful completion of a quiz
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