How can I get a trial for a paid plugin?

All of our plugins are fully functional without a license key (our aim is to make the plugins as open and flexible as possible), and for this reason we cannot provide trial versions as we have no way to limit them. The license key is required for automatic updates and support, not plugin functionality. Please review our Knowledge Base articles to better understand how our plugins work and whether or not they’ll fit your requirements.

Why am I seeing a blank screen in the back end or is functionality not working?

Please make sure you are using PHP5.6 or higher. WordPress now recommends PHP7 as the minimum and some of our plugins do require PHP 5.6 or higher. We have also seen blank screens when a plugin upload fails on a site.

How do I translate your plugins?

We don’t officially support translation of our plugins at this time. We know some users have had some success with translation plugins like Say What, as most text strings support gettext, but we’ve also heard reports that Arabic and Asian languages have difficulties.

Do plugins work in multisite environments?

We do not test plugin releases in multisite environments and in most cases we cannot support issues that are multisite related.

Why does shortcode output look terrible on my site?

We generally see 2 reasons for this. First, many of our shortcodes use LearnDash styles so that they inherit any styling you’ve already done for LearnDash. This is a problem when a theme has existing LearnDash styles or overwrite them completely with their own. The University and Social Learner themes are examples of this. If there’s a theme conflict manual styling may unfortunately be required, and if it is a theme conflict we’re unable to support changes specific to your theme. The second issue we often see is users copying and pasting shortcodes and WordPress adding <pre></pre> tags around the shortcodes. This will cause layout issues, so before creating a support ticket, please check the page in the Editor’s Text view and make sure there are no <pre> tags.

Do your plugins support mobile use?

Generally speaking, they support mobile very well. In a few very specific instances there may be issues; make sure to review Knowledge Base articles first. One example of this is Storyline 2 HTML5-only output with the Tin Canny plugin and controlling Mark Complete behaviours via xAPI/Tin Can; there are some complications to be mindful of.

Why is the plugin activation saying I have an invalid key?

If the key is valid, try clicking Save and then Activate. Deactivating and reacting the plugin can also sometimes fix this.

Are prices in US dollars or Canadian dollars?

All prices are in US dollars. While we are a Canadian company, we price everything in USD for our international customers to avoid confusion.