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The Drip Topics by LearnDash Group module is part of the Pro Suite of modules for the Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit. Out of the box, recent versions of LearnDash supports releasing access to LearnDash topics a certain number of days after enrolment or on a specific calendar date—but that date applies to all users. This module extends drip dates by allowing them to be set by LearnDash Group for specific calendar dates. This allows you to have different groups progress through a course at different times and still manage their access with dates appropriate for the group.

Setting Lesson drip dates for a Group

Group drip settings are managed from the Settings tab of the Edit Topic page in /wp-admin/.  As shown in the screenshot below, this module adds a Topic Group Drip Settings metabox to the Edit page of topics. All groups with access to the topic are listed in the box.  By entering a drip date and clicking Save date, the lesson becomes available to the associated group on the specified date.

LearnDash drip topic by group

Things to consider:

  • When a topic is shared between multiple courses, you’ll first need to select a course from the Switch Course dropdown before you can view the associated groups and set drip dates.
  • If a group does not appear in the list but you know it has access to this topic, double-check the correct course is selected in the Switch Course dropdown.
  • A drip date for a topic/Group combination persists across all courses.  In other words, if a group has access to two courses and the same topic exists in both courses, only one drip date can be set for that topic. You can’t have the same topic drip on different dates in two different courses for the same group.
  • To set a drip date for users NOT in a group, use the standard Topic Access Settings metabox provided by LearnDash:
    LearnDash topic access settings

Removing Topic drip dates for a Group

To remove a drip date for a group, simply click Remove date next to the drip date for the group.

Important: The Drip Topic module does not currently support the LearnDash Notifications plugin.

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