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The Drip Lessons by LearnDash Group module is part of the Pro Suite of modules for the Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit. Out of the box, LearnDash supports releasing access to LearnDash lessons a certain number of days after enrolment or on a specific calendar date—but that date applies to all users. This module extends drip dates by allowing them to be set by LearnDash Group. This allows you to have different groups progress through a course at different times and still manage their access with dates appropriate for the group.


As shown in the screenshot below, this module adds a LearnDash Group drop-down list to the Edit page of lessons. By selecting a group here and then a calendar date in the field below it, everyone in the associated group is assigned a drip date. The All Other Users entry covers everyone that isn’t in a group or doesn’t have a group date selected.

After choosing a group and date in month, enter the day (DD) and year (YYYY) and optionally the hour (HH) and (MM) you would like and then Update the lesson post. The date and time will then be populated in the drop-down list for that group. if you select a date, but not a time, the default time for release of the course will be 12:00 a.m. on the date you specify.

To remove a drip date for a group, choose the group and leave the Make Lesson visible on specific date field blank. Update the post and the group drip date will be reset.

LearnDash 3.x Users

LearnDash changed where to find lesson settings in LearnDash 3.0, so group drip settings are now managed from the Settings tab of the lesson in /wp-admin/. To set a group drip date, scroll down to the Lesson Access Settings section and select Specific date. Enter a date and time, then choose the group associated with that date and time from the LearnDash Group drop-down list. Update the list and the date and time to release the lesson to that group will be saved.

Integration with LearnDash Notifications Plugin

Version 3.2.6 of the Toolkit Pro plugin added support for the LearnDash Notifications plugin. This means that students can be notified by email when lessons become available based on the drip date assigned to their associated groups.

Unfortunately, the LearnDash Notifications plugin requires that things be set up in a specific order for this to work properly. To send notifications to students based on a group drip date, especially if you use Shared Course Steps, make sure you set things up in this order:

  1. Create the Lesson Notification in the Notifications plugin.
  2. Create or edit the lesson you’re going to drip.
    1. If Shared Course Steps are off, choose a group for the drip behaviour and then select a date.
    2. If Shared Course Steps are on, select a course under the content switcher, choose a group for the drip behaviour and select a date.
  3. Save the lesson changes.

It’s really important that lessons with group drip dates be resaved after setting up the Lesson Notification, otherwise notifications may not be send out.

Note: When using a Shared Course Steps with a lesson that appears in multiple courses, it’s not possible to set different drip dates in each course for a single group.

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14 replies
  1. Daniel Richardson
    Daniel Richardson says:

    Have you ever thought of making this available on the front end for group leaders? So if you sell courses to schools, the teachers in that school can control the drip feed of lessons according to their own needs?

  2. Peter
    Peter says:

    Hi there

    When adding group dates for a second group I always get a HTTP 500 error and the date is not added. Could you look into it. I’m working with wordpress version 4.9.6 and learndash version 2.5.8 and the PRO toolkit.

    • Ryan
      Ryan says:

      Any support tickets for individual sites must come through our ticket system or support@uncannyowl.com. Check that your PHP version meets the requirements (5.6 or higher) and check the errors logs; most 500 errors will add an entry to the web server error log. For further investigation though we unfortunately must go through our ticketing system.

  3. Brock Armstrong
    Brock Armstrong says:

    Is it possible to use a mixture of “make visible x days” and “Make visible specific date” depending on the group? For example, we have three groups that already received their lessons based on “x days” but we would like our newest group to receive their drip on a specific date. Is it possible to do that with this plugin?

  4. Peter
    Peter says:

    Hi I noticed that when setting dates for groups when assigning the date for the second group, i needed to remove the date in the date field after the update for the group. Otherwise the last date was used for everyone regardless which group they where in.

    Kind Regards

  5. Oleg Buylov
    Oleg Buylov says:

    As I understand it, this setting can only work for one group. What if I need to make different settings for different groups?

    Also another question. Courses have a setting: “Course Access Expiration”. Is it possible to do it for different groups?

    • Ryan
      Ryan says:

      Hi Oleg, you can definitely have different settings for different groups, but you must define dates individually for each group. There is no bulk edit option, or a way to apply a date to all or several groups. As for expiring course access based on groups, have a look at https://www.uncannyowl.com/knowledge-base/learndash-group-expiration/. Note, however, that expires access to ALL courses for the group at the same time. We don’t have a way to expire individual course access for groups.

  6. Oleg Buylov
    Oleg Buylov says:

    How does setting the lesson date for several groups work? After all, only one group is available for selection. If I change it, what will happen?

    • Ryan
      Ryan says:

      Sorry Oleg, it is a bit cumbersome. Choose one group, set the date/time, update the course. Choose another group, set the date/time, update the course. When you go back to the drop-down list you’ll see the dates/times set for the respective groups.



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