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The Drip Lessons by LearnDash Group module is part of the Pro Suite of modules for the Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit. Out of the box, LearnDash supports releasing access to LearnDash lessons a certain number of days after enrolment or on a specific calendar date—but that date applies to all users. This module extends drip dates by allowing them to be set by LearnDash Group. This allows you to have different groups progress through a course at different times and still manage their access with dates appropriate for the group.


As shown in the screenshot below, this module adds a LearnDash Group drop-down list to the Edit page of lessons. By selecting a group here and then a calendar date in the field below it, everyone in the associated group is assigned a drip date. The All Other Users entry covers everyone that isn’t in a group or doesn’t have a group date selected.

After choosing a group and date in month, enter the day (DD) and year (YYYY) and then Update the lesson post. The date will then be populated in the drop-down list for that group. To remove a drip date for a group, choose the group and leave the Make Lesson visible on specific date field blank. Update the post and the group drip date will be reset.


  • Please note that the LearnDash Notifications plugin will not work with group drip dates.
  • Hour (HH) and Minute (MM) have no effect when used with this module.

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