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Important Note

For this module to function correctly, lessons must be associated with a course, and topics must be associated with both a lesson and a course. Autocompletion will also be disabled for any lessons or topics that include modules uploaded using our Tin Canny plugin.


The Autocomplete Lessons & Topics module is part of the Pro Suite of modules for the Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit. It lets you control whether or not to automatically mark LearnDash lessons and topics as completed on page load. When autocompletion is enabled, the standard Mark Complete button does not appear.

When a user completes the last topic in a lesson with autocompletion enabled, they will be returned to the lesson for that topic, not moved to the next lesson.

Live Demo

See this module in action on our LearnDash demo site!

Global Setting

When you first enable this module, “Enable auto-completion for all lessons and topics” is turned on by default. This means that visiting all lessons and topics that haven’t yet been completed will automatically complete them. There is also a global setting to disable autocompletion across the site.

In both cases, the global setting can be overridden at the lesson and topic levels.

Lesson/Topic Override

You can override the global setting at the lesson or topic level by choosing one of the following options from the “Auto Complete” drop-down menu on the Edit screen of the associated lesson or topic:

  • Disabled: No autocompletion on page load (i.e., the user will see the Mark Complete button)
  • Enabled: Lesson/topic will be autocompleted on page load
  • Use Global Setting (default): Inherit the global setting

Please note that topics do not inherit the autocompletion settings of the lesson. In other words, if the global setting disables autocompletion, but a lesson has autocompletion enabled, the topics under that lesson will not be completed automatically. Similarly, overrides set on the topics don’t roll up to their lesson.

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2 replies
  1. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    When a lesson is complete, is there a way to display something to the learner so that they know they have completed the lesson?

    I tried to see if this shortcode existed, but it doesn’t seem to work: [lesson_complete ] content [/lesson_complete]

    • Ken Young
      Ken Young says:

      Unfortunately LearnDash doesn’t offer anything like that currently. Typically users will need to look at the sidebar to see their completion status, or if they complete a lesson and revisit it, they should see a Next Lesson > link at the bottom of the page, which indicates they can move on to the next lesson.



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