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Improved Group Leader Interface (deprecated)

Important: This module is considered deprecated and generally not recommended for LearnDash 4.x use. It is still available to users as a Legacy module.


The Improved Group Leader Interface module is part of the Pro Suite of modules for the Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit.  This module streamlines the Group Leader interface by removing unnecessary elements and emphasizing the important elements.  It also automatically makes group leaders members of the group(s) they manage and enrolls them in the courses assigned to the group.


Standard LearnDash Group Leader interface



Improved LearnDash Group Leader Interface

Module Settings

There are several important settings that should be set if you plan to use the Improved Group Leader Interface. Because the module grants access to courses, the View Courses link is added to the interface per the screenshot above, and the destination for this URL must be specified in the module settings.

Group Leaders (as identified by WordPress role) can also be redirected to a specific page on login. For users of the Uncanny LearnDash Groups plugin, this will normally be the Group Management page. If there are several things on a site that control redirecting users, the Redirect Priority value is used to help determine which redirect behaviour is applied. A higher value gives this redirect greater importance.

2 replies
  1. Mark Moore
    Mark Moore says:

    Hi- I’m not clear at all on what ‘problem’ this feature solves? The description is vague and needs an example. It sounds good, but I’m having to dig hard to see what it means. Thanks!

    • Ryan
      Ryan says:

      Hi Mark,

      I will say that this module is less valuable now than when we first introduced it. It supports a login redirect based on the Group Leader role (so Group Leaders can be directed to a unique place when they sign in), enrolls Group Leaders in courses so they have the same access as students would (LearnDash 3.2 just added this capability) and changes menus to make it easier for Group Leaders to navigate to courses.



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