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Send Quiz Certificates by Email* module is part of the Pro Suite of modules for the Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit. Out of the box, LearnDash supports dynamic generation of a certificate after successful completion of a quiz, but the certificate must be viewed online or downloaded to the user’s computer. This Pro module extends LearnDash functionality to attach a certificate to the email that is sent to the user upon the successful completion of a quiz. The certificate email can also be sent to site administrators, group leader(s) or any number of related users.

*This module will send out email with certificate with any quiz that has a certificate associated with it AND user e-mail notification enabled.  This module is for sending certificates that are attached to quizzes.  For sending certificates that are attached to courses, use this module instead.

Setting Up the User Email

This module uses LearnDash Quiz Email settings to customize the email sent to users.  You can get to the LearnDash quiz email settings by clicking “Click Here” from the module’s settings screen.  After you’ve configured the email settings, you will then have to enable “User e-mail notification” in each quiz containing a certificate you want emailed to the user.

Additional Module Settings

This module by default stores certificates on server.  This option can be disabled by checking Do not store certificates on server.

If you want a copy of the certificate sent to the Site Admin and/or Group Leader(s), simply check the respective boxes.  You may also include CC’d users in the CC Certificate To field.

The Admin/Group Leader Email Subject & Admin/Group Leader Email Body fields control the email content for emails sent to the site admin, group leader(s) and cc recipients.  Tokens are available and listed just below the Email Body field. Note: These settings do not affect the email received by the user.  The email sent to users must be configured in the LearnDash quiz options screen (see above).

Click the Save Settings button to save your settings.

Screen # 2

Screen # 2


Screen # 3

Screen # 3

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4 replies
  1. Michael
    Michael says:

    Is there a way to remove the attachment from the certificate email? I want them to be notified, but not have the file directly sent to them.

    • Ryan
      Ryan says:

      Can you confirm who you want to be notified? LearnDash natively supports notifying the user and admin about quiz results. If you disable our module that notification will go out. If you need Group Leaders and other users to be notified, however, our module would then be needed and it always includes the certificate. Another option may be using the LearnDash Notifications plugin instead from LearnDash, as I’m afraid our email modules always send the attachments.

    • Ryan
      Ryan says:

      That is unfortunately not currently possible.

      The email trigger itself comes from LearnDash; emails are either sent or they’re not. Our module basically overrides that email to attach a certificate if one was earned, but whether or not the email is sent comes from LearnDash, and currently there is no option to only send notifications when quizzes are passed. We may consider overriding that for a future release, but for now, unfortunately, emails are sent regardless of passing or failing.



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