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Important Note

This module may not work with themes or plugins that override default LearnDash styles.  This includes (but is not limited to) the Boss theme by BuddyBoss (including Social Learner) and LearnDash Visual Customizer by SnapOrbital.


The LearnDash Course Dashboard module is part of the Pro Suite of modules for the Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit. The module adds an expandable list of a user’s enrolled courses to a page. Each course can be expanded to see to see the lessons and topics within, enabling learners to directly access any lesson or topic from a single page without having to first click into the course page and drill down.  We use it on landing pages for learners when they sign in, along with things like a personal greeting, resume button and list of certificates.

Live Demo

See this module in action on our LearnDash demo site!



To use the dashboard table, just add the shortcode to any page. That will add a collapsible list of courses, lessons, topics, quizzes and earned certificates to the page. You can further change the background and text colors of the table using the LearnDash Table Colors module.

The following attributes are available for the shortcode:

Attribute NameDescriptionAttribute ValuesDefault Value
orderbySets whether courses should be ordered by post ID, title, date, or menu order. "title", "date", or "menu_order"post ID
orderControls whether courses should be listed in ascending or descending order based on what's set in the order_by attribute."asc" or "desc""asc"
showDetermines which courses are displayed. enrolled - displays courses the current user is enrolled in. Shows nothing for logged out users.
all - Shows all courses in the system for both logged in and logged out users.
open - Same behaviour as "enrolled" for logged in users. Shows only open courses for logged out users.
"enrolled", "all", or "open""enrolled"

As an example, you might use

[uo_dashboard orderby="title" order="asc"]

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