Using the Group Reports

One additional way that the Uncanny LearnDash Groups Plugin enhances and increases the power of  LearnDash Groups management is by offering great front end reports that are available exclusively for Group Leaders.

Accessing Front End Report Pages

As mentioned in the Install and Set Up Uncanny LearnDash Groups article, there are two report pages that are automatically created and published upon plugin activation – the Group Leader Report page and the Group Quiz Report page. These pages are immediately accessible for any Group Leader from their Group Management Page, and they can also be set-up as part of your LearnDash site and added to your site menu using WordPress shortcodes.

Fig 1 below shows how the Course and Quiz reports are accessible via the Reports menu when Group Leaders are logged in.

Fig. 1. The group management reports pages are accessible from the Group Management page via the Course Report button and the Quiz Report button.

The Group Course Report

To view the Group Course Report, click on Course under the Reports menu. On the report page, select the group and then the course you would like to report on. In Fig. 2 below, you can see the Management Coaching course has been selected and the Coaching Basics course within that group has been selected for the report. Each report will return the identity of your enrolled users, their % complete, and the date of completion.

Fig. 2 Group Course Report results page

Transcript access

By adding the transcript-page-id attribute to the Group Course Report shortcode (that links to the valid course ID of a Transcript page in Toolkit Pro), a “Transcript” column will be added to the report that grants Group Leaders access to a student’s complete transcript. Here’s an example of the modified shortcode, where “123” is the post ID of the transcript page.

[uo_groups_course_report transcript-page-id=”123″]

The Group Quiz Report

To view the Group Quiz Report, click on Quiz under the Reports menu.  Select the desired group, course and quiz from the dropdowns. A table displaying all users’ results for that quiz will be displayed. If statistics are enabled for the quiz, you’ll also see links to a detailed report for each attempt.  You can also export the results to a CSV file.

Fig. 3. The Group Quiz Report results page

Clicking the icon in the detailed report column will open a more detailed view, per user, for each question in the quiz, including their answers (see Fig. 4).

Fig. 4. Clicking on the Detailed Report button for a user in the Groups Quiz Report will allow Group Leaders to get detailed user data per quiz.

Individual Report

The individual report is accessible by clicking “In Progress” on any user with progress on the main Group Management page:

The individual reports shows a individual user’s progress across all of their courses.