Lazy Loading Course Navigation

Note: This module requires version 3.2 or higher of the Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit Pro plugin.

The Lazy Loading Course Navigation module adds a very simple feature to LearnDash sites: it replaces the default Course Navigation widget with one that loads after the rest of the page loads. On sites with a lot of LearnDash posts (courses, lessons, topics and quizzes), this behaviour change can result in pages inside courses loading significantly faster than with the standard Course Navigation widget.

To use the Lazy Loading Course Navigation tool, turn on the module in the Toolkit settings, then add this shortcode to wherever you want to use it (typically in a widget area for a sidebar):


The Lazy Loading Navigation module will inherit styles used for the standard Course Navigation widget in LearnDash. You can also add an extra title above the navigation widget using the module Settings, but in most cases we recommend leaving it blank.

Please note that this module is intended primarily for sites with a lot of LearnDash courses, lessons, topics and/or quizzes. Smaller sites won’t see much benefit from this tool and may prefer to continue using the standard LearnDash Course Navigation widget instead.

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