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The Autocomplete Lessons & Topics on Quiz Results Page module is part of the Pro Suite of modules for the Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit. It solves a common complaint with LearnDash wherein after successful completion of a quiz, topics and lessons are not marked complete until the learner clicks “Click Here to Continue” on the quiz results page.  Often, learners will not click that button, but will instead navigate using a menu or other link, and the associated lesson or topic will not be marked complete.

When enabled, this module automatically marks LearnDash lessons and topics as completed when the user reaches the results page of an associated quiz with a passing mark.  If there are multiple quizzes associated with the lesson or topic, the lesson or topic will only be marked complete when all quizzes have been passe.

This module can only be enabled or disabled on a global level (affecting all topics and lessons).

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    • Ken Young
      Ken Young says:

      You would need to contact LearnDash support with that question; our module only completes the topic if the LearnDash conditions for topic/lesson completion are met (e.g. the quiz is passed).

    • Per Kreipke
      Per Kreipke says:

      When I asked similar, LD support said I’d have to set a low passing grade (like zero) to have it autocomplete the quiz.

      That’s not helpful since whether or not they passed would then be something I’d have to calculate.

      Not great.

      • Mike McKenna
        Mike McKenna says:

        Per Kreipke –

        I had – I think – a similar challenge, In case it helps you, here’s what I did:

        Quizzes that are on the topics or lessons autocomplete using this UO feature.
        The last, Final quiz, however, requires 100 grade to pass.
        On the final quiz set up page, I clicked the Activate Graduation tick box near the bottom
        Passing that quiz is now the final step to completing the course and getting a cert.
        If they pass, they see their score, a box to review or retry and a big green “click here to continue” button that takes them to the main course page to print their cert
        If they do not pass, they are presented with the same options but without the green button.

        No warranty on that advice but that seems to work for my situation.



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