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Autocomplete Lessons & Topics on Fluent Forms submission

Important Note

For this module to function correctly, lessons must be associated with a course, and topics must be associated with both a lesson and a course.


The Autocomplete Lessons & Topics on Fluent Forms Submission module is part of the Pro Suite of modules for the Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit. It lets you control whether or not to automatically mark a lesson or topic complete when a user submits a form from Fluent Forms on that page.

When this module is enabled and the autocompletion option is checked in Form Settings, you will see the Fluent Forms submit button rather than the standard Mark Complete button on a lesson/topic. After submitting the form, the lesson/topic will be automatically marked as complete.


Important: Auto Advance On Submit

Fluent Forms unfortunately cannot support non-Ajax submissions and this module cannot advance the user automatically on form submission. This is unfortunately a limitation on the Fluent Forms side and there is no workaround. User must advance manually after form submission.

Module settings

Fluent Forms autocomplete LearnDash lessons & topics

If your form appears on multiple pages, lessons or topics and the user has already submitted it once, you can decide whether or not to allow the user to skip submitting the form again by toggling the module setting Hide the Mark Complete button if the user has a previous entry.  If you’re using a single form in multiple places (such as an end-of-course feedback form) and want the user to submit it every time, you can check that setting to require the user to submit it again even if they already have a previous entry saved for that form.

Showing or hiding the Mark Complete button is optional. In most case, this checkbox should be checked.

When Used with Other Autocompletion Modules

There are several Pro Toolkit modules that control lesson/topic autocompletion. You should be aware what the combined results are when more than one is enabled.

The Autocomplete Lessons & Topics module, when enabled, marks a lesson/topic complete on page load. If you have a form that requires users’ input, you may want to disable autocompletion on that lesson/topic.

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