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The LearnDash Group Registration module is part of the Pro Suite of modules for the Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit. It’s used to allow users to register themselves directly into a LearnDash Group and to switch groups from the front end. Using this module, site owners can create unique registration pages for client organizations where staff/members/users can create accounts and be immediately and automatically added to LearnDash groups.

This is a complex module and we recommend starting by watching the YouTube video above in its entirety.

By turning on the module, each LearnDash Group is given a unique registration URL (visible only to administrators). This URL can then be shared, and by visiting that unique page, users are added directly to the associated group. To change groups or add users to additional groups, users can simply visit the registration URL of another LearnDash Group by visiting their registration URL.

This module does include its own registration form, but we strongly recommend that you use Gravity Forms with the User Registration add-on instead. Theme My Login is also supported.

Live Demo

See this module in action on our LearnDash demo site!

Module Settings

Group Registration module settingsIt’s a good idea to update the settings from the Toolkit page before setting up the groups.

The Allow users to join multiple LearnDash Groups? setting allows users to either switch groups or add new groups. Choosing No means a user visiting this page that’s already in another group (or groups) is removed from the group and added to the new group instead. Choosing Yes means a user visiting this page will be added to the group. Existing group memberships are unaffected.

When a new user visits this page, we need a way to get them away from the page after the group addition or switch has happened. As such, there will be a link on the page that can be customized from the settings page. We typically use something like, “View My Courses” or “Take Me To My Courses” and link to a dashboard page. The label and URL for the link can be anything you want; both are defined here.

2016-06-22 2-17-43 PMBecause this module is typically used to give organizations a way to have their users enrol into their LearnDash Group, we added an optional way of providing group contact details. The organization specific values are set from LearnDash Group pages, but the labels must be set here. Instead of “Organization”, you might want “School”, “Team”, “Location”, or something else entirely. Those labels can be changed here. The information itself is added to the registration page sidebars automatically (if it’s populated for the Group) so users registering from the page have confirmation they’re on the right group page and have a way to contact a representative if they need assistance.


Customizing the Registration Page

After defining the module settings, edit or create a LearnDash Group. While the post area of LearnDash Groups is normally not populated, when group registration is enabled, this is where you can (and should) include instructions and a registration form. If it’s left empty, or only instructions are included, the default registration form will be added to the registration page for the group (this is not recommended).

Examples that include Theme My Login and Gravity Forms registration forms are shown below.

TMLThe example above shows a Theme My Login registration form with instructions.

Note: Theme My Login integration with Uncanny LearnDash Groups will override Theme My Login integration with the Group Registration module.  If you want to use Theme My Login with Uncanny LearnDash Groups, you will need to use either Gravity Forms or the built-in registration form with the Group Registration module.

The example above shows a Gravity Form example for a registration form. Make sure the “id” value is correct and that you’re using the User Registration add-on.

Finding the Group Registration URL

The registration URL for the group is displayed when the Permalink URL is clicked at the top of the post. The registration URL is only displayed when the user visiting the page is an administrator. The permalink here is NOT the registration URL. You must click this link to see the registration URL for this group.


If the permalink leads to a 404 error, this typically suggests an issue with your permalink settings. Make sure to navigate to Settings > Permalinks as an admin and resave the settings. Unusual permalink settings also risk causing issues.

org_infoOrganization details are added in the metabox to the right of the post body. A screenshot of the 4 optional values for the group is included to the right.



Block Name: Group Status

This shortcode/block displays the Organization Details of each group of which the user is a member.  This only works for logged in users.


Block Name: Group Organization

This shortcode/block only works on group registration pages and only for logged-out users.  It displays the Organization Details of the group associated with the registration page.


Block Name: Group Login

This shortcode/block only works on group registration pages and only for logged-out users.  It displays a login form that automatically adds users to the associated group on login.

Integration with Uncanny LearnDash Groups

The Uncanny LearnDash Groups plugin includes a system to track and limit how many users can be added to a LearnDash Group. That that plugin is installed and active, the seat counts set via that plugin will restrict when users can be added from the unique Group Registration pages from this module.

If a user registers from a Group Registration page to a group with a defined seat limit, the registration will completed normally if the group has available seats. If no seats remain for the group, the user will be blocked from registering and will see a message that the group is full. The only way to allow registration when this happens is for an administrator (or a Group Leader, if the group was created via purchase) to add additional seats to the group.

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5 replies
  1. Chris
    Chris says:

    Hello, I’m using Ninja Forms Registration but the original form still appears below it. From the video it looks like just adding a short code should disable the original form. Did I miss something? Thanks.

    • Ryan
      Ryan says:

      I’m afraid not. Only our Codes plugin supports codes that can be redeemed multiple times for a group. In the Groups plugin all enrollment keys are unique and can only be used once.



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