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The Group Login Redirect module enables you to redirect group members to a group-specific page on login. Once the module is enabled, it adds the login fields below to LearnDash Group edit pages.

Simply enter the redirect URL in the Redirect members on login field.

In most cases, you should leave the Redirect priority field blank.  There are two situations in which you may want to enter a number in the field:

  • If users are in multiple groups with login redirects, the redirect with the highest Redirect priority will take precedence.
  • If you find that users are not being redirected to the desired URL on login, it’s likely that another plugin on your site is overriding the redirect with a redirect of a higher priority.  Enter a number larger than 99 in the Redirect priority field (try 99999 if you absolutely want this redirect to take priority over all others).


The Group Login Redirect module includes two shortcodes that enable you to create a link to the Group Login Redirect URL. These are:


This shortcode outputs the URL exactly as it is typed into the Redirect members on login field (see above).  This enables usage in a menu (with a plugin like this), button, or image link.

[uo_group_login_redirect_link text=”Portal”]

This shortcode outputs an HTML link using the “text” attribute and the URL in the Redirect members on login field. An example of the code generated would be:

<a href="[URL]">[text]</a>.

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