Continuing Education Credits Changelog [2023-11-09]

  • Credit Report - Ludicrous mode - PHP notice when no records are generated #190
  • Blocks - Removed lodash dependency for WordPress v6.4+ #190
  • Blocks - Available Credits & Credits Remaining - PHP Error when LearnDash is not active #d083

4.1 [2023-11-08]

  • Credit Report - New performance options for better experience #122
  • Credit Report - New Settings section to set report defaults #122
  • Credit Report - Add "Reset" button to reset dropdown values #185
  • Course records not migrating properly for Historical Records #182
  • Credit Report - Dates are now displayed using LearnDash date/time display function #172
  • Credit Report - CSV Export - Some uppercase email addresses are broken #168
  • Credit Report - Multisite not showing users specific to the current site #163
  • Deficiency Report - Required CEUs column displays no value when LearnDash is not activated #157
  • User profile - Hide "Archived quiz results" if it's empty #150
  • Credit Report - Report showing UTC timestamp #147
  • Improved PHP 8.2 compatibility #184
  • "Try Automator" menu entry renamed to "Automation" #175
  • Fix vulnerability in Automator's 1-click installer #153
  • Database upgrades  #122
  • Award Certificate - WordPress filters uo_group_leader_mail_headersuo_admin_mail_headers and uo_user_mail_headers to allow mail header overrides (BCC etc) #158

4.0 [2022-11-17]

New Feature:
  • Historical data - CEU now keep historical records even if a course is reset  #101
  • Tin Canny Reporting - Quiz Question Analysis Report - Support for historical quiz completions
  • [uo_ceu_available] shortcode - Course ID validation added #120
  • Multi-Course certificate: Certificate link are now stored in the database #91
  • Course Report - CSV export not populating columns #124
  • Course Report - Incorrect time being displayed #116
  • PHP 8.1 Deprecation: preg_split() : Passing null to parameter #3 ($limit) of type int is deprecated #127
Under the hood:
  • Historical data - Record new quiz results in archive #101
  • Historical Data - Copy existing records in historical tables #105
  • Historical Data - Add "Generate historical quiz records" section under Generate Records tab #104
  • Edit profile - Show historical quiz completion records #102
  • In-plugin notifications system #129
  • Uncanny Automator 1-click installer #39
  • Multiple do_action hooks #114
  • Fix core-js preventing webpack from generating the bundles #106
  • CEU licensing - Licensing page updated #38

3.3.4 [2022-03-23]

  • Credit report - CSV export exposes hidden timestamp #85
  • View Certificate - PHP error on some environments #87

3.3.3 [2022-03-03]

  • Improved appearance of deficiency report when no rollover date is set
  • Improved PHP 8 compatibility #57
  • Front-end assets sassdash and sass-svg cause core-js to freeze during compilation #73, #65
  • PHP error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function exists() in award-certificate.php #70
  • PHP notice: Undefined index: highest_group_credit_required #64
  • PHP notice: add_submenu_page was called incorrectly #35

3.3.2 [2021-11-19]

  • Changes/fixes to ticket submission data
  • Fatal error on remote get #58

3.3.1 [2021-10-04]

  • Optimized query performance #47
  • PHP warning - block_categories deprecated #55
  • PHP error on quiz completion in some situations #43
  • Multi-course CEU certificate not sent in some situations #36
  • Certificates awarded by Uncanny CEUs now linked properly in Uncanny Toolkit for LearnDash certificate widget module #33
  • PHP error - Class 'uncanny_ceu\stdClass' not found on some sites #21

3.3 [2021-04-01]

  • Added compatibility with LearnDash Certificate Builder plugin #13
  • Credit report now loads all records by default #9
  • PHP notice: Deprecated: Non-static method ceu_value_meta_box_callback() should not be called statically #19
  • Credit display issue on Learner Transcript (Uncanny Toolkit Pro) when the user has no LearnDash course completions #1

3.2.1 [2021-02-10]

  • Support for manual entries where credit value = 0
  • Support for display of custom CEUs in Learner Transcript module of Uncanny Toolkit Pro (requires Uncanny Toolkit Pro 3.7 or later)
  • PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function uncanny_ceu\learndash_get_users_group_ids() when LearnDash is not active
  • PHP Notice: missing required permission_callback argument

3.2 [2021-01-13]

  • New system to generate credit and completion records for historical LearnDash course completions
  • Removed hyperlinks from custom titles in Credit Report
  • Only show courses that have assigned credits when adding manual credits
  • Allow support for decimals when adding custom credits
  • Times in Credit Report match WordPress time instead of server time
  • Several text domains corrected for translatable strings
  • Last names incorrectly truncated in Credit Report export
  • Replace some references to "CEUs" with the plural CEU label from the plugin Settings page

3.1 [2020-12-17]

  • Ability to add custom credits for users from the Credit Report
  • Ability to delete credits from the Credit Report
  • Ability to trigger multi-course and multi-credit certificates from custom credits
  • Improved performance of user selection in Credit and Deficiency Reports
  • Text domain of internal string
  • Better support for PDF rendering on sites with LearnDash 3.2.0+
  • WordPress 5.5+ compatibility related to REST API routes without a permission_callback
  • Earned credits showing properly in the Dashboard module of Toolkit Pro

3.0.7 [2020-10-28]

  • Added: Hook for Uncanny Automator integration

3.0.6 [2020-07-27]

  • Fixed: PHP Notice: register_rest_route was called incorrectly in WordPress 5.4.2 and newer

3.0.5 [2020-03-19]

  • Updated: EDD updater class
  • Updated: Reduced the delay before CEUs are awarded after course completion to 10 seconds
  • Updated: Courses completed by an admin via the edit user page now awards CEUs
  • Fixed: CEU certificates not being emailed due to TCPDF folder location change in LearnDash
  • Fixed: WordPress Notice - add_submenu_page was called incorrectly
  • Fixed: PHP notices and warnings displayed in Query Monitor plugin


  • Added: Support for LearnDash 3.1


  • Fixed: Name appearing twice in CSV exported from course and deficiency reports


  • Updated: Added email column to Course and Deficiency Report CSV export
  • Fixed: Date column in CSV export now formatted correctly
  • Fixed: Credit values are no longer rounded on Learner Transcript (Learner Transcript requires Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit Pro)


  • Added: Total row for CEUs column in Learner Transcript (Uncanny Toolkit Pro)
  • Fixed: Credit Rollover Date no longer accepts invalid date values
  • Fixed: Date filters on reports now properly sync'd with stored completion dates


  • Added: Basic Gutenberg block support
  • Added: Uncanny 3.0 plugin architecture (tabs for Help, License Activation, etc.)
  • Updated: Visual design and filters of all admin reports
  • Updated: Visual design of front-end report ([uo_ceu_report])
  • Updated: Course completion time is now recorded from learndash_course_completed action
  • Updated: Support for optional CEU column in Learner Transcript module of Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit Pro
  • Updated: Improved support for differences between WordPress and server timezones
  • Updated: Improved support for plugin translation
  • Fixed: Visibility of __sleep method for PHP 7 compatibility
  • Fixed: CEUs not properly included in "CEUs Earned Since Rollover" section on user profile page
  • Fixed: Logic for calculating credits in current rollover period


  • Added: Utilized uo_course_completion_time from Pro toolkit to save same time across multiple modules
  • Added: Column for course CEUs earned in the Learner Transcript module of Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit Pro (requires Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit Pro plugin)
  • Updated: Settings page design
  • Updated: Moved Certificate Email Settings to Settings page
  • Updated: Changed from current_time('timestamp') to time() for consistency
  • Fixed: CSS conflict with Events Calendar Tickets
  • Fixed: CEU certificate rendering issues


  • Update: Plugin now reports dates and times exclusively in the WordPress site time zone


  • New Feature: Added Required Credits for users and groups
  • New Feature: Added Required Credit shortcodes: [uo_ceu_days_remaining] and [uo_ceu_credits_remaining]
  • New Feature: Added Required Credit Deficiency Report
  • New Feature: Added Required Credit email reminders


  • Initial Release
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