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3.0.7 [2020-10-28]

  • Added: Hook for Uncanny Automator integration

3.0.6 [2020-07-27]

  • Fixed: PHP Notice: register_rest_route was called incorrectly in WordPress 5.4.2 and newer

3.0.5 [2020-03-19]

  • Updated: EDD updater class
  • Updated: Reduced the delay before CEUs are awarded after course completion to 10 seconds
  • Updated: Courses completed by an admin via the edit user page now awards CEUs
  • Fixed: CEU certificates not being emailed due to TCPDF folder location change in LearnDash
  • Fixed: WordPress Notice - add_submenu_page was called incorrectly
  • Fixed: PHP notices and warnings displayed in Query Monitor plugin


  • Added: Support for LearnDash 3.1


  • Fixed: Name appearing twice in CSV exported from course and deficiency reports


  • Updated: Added email column to Course and Deficiency Report CSV export
  • Fixed: Date column in CSV export now formatted correctly
  • Fixed: Credit values are no longer rounded on Learner Transcript (Learner Transcript requires Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit Pro)


  • Added: Total row for CEUs column in Learner Transcript (Uncanny Toolkit Pro)
  • Fixed: Credit Rollover Date no longer accepts invalid date values
  • Fixed: Date filters on reports now properly sync'd with stored completion dates


  • Added: Basic Gutenberg block support
  • Added: Uncanny 3.0 plugin architecture (tabs for Help, License Activation, etc.)
  • Updated: Visual design and filters of all admin reports
  • Updated: Visual design of front-end report ([uo_ceu_report])
  • Updated: Course completion time is now recorded from learndash_course_completed action
  • Updated: Support for optional CEU column in Learner Transcript module of Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit Pro
  • Updated: Improved support for differences between WordPress and server timezones
  • Updated: Improved support for plugin translation
  • Fixed: Visibility of __sleep method for PHP 7 compatibility
  • Fixed: CEUs not properly included in "CEUs Earned Since Rollover" section on user profile page
  • Fixed: Logic for calculating credits in current rollover period


  • Added: Utilized uo_course_completion_time from Pro toolkit to save same time across multiple modules
  • Added: Column for course CEUs earned in the Learner Transcript module of Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit Pro (requires Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit Pro plugin)
  • Updated: Settings page design
  • Updated: Moved Certificate Email Settings to Settings page
  • Updated: Changed from current_time('timestamp') to time() for consistency
  • Fixed: CSS conflict with Events Calendar Tickets
  • Fixed: CEU certificate rendering issues


  • Update: Plugin now reports dates and times exclusively in the WordPress site time zone


  • New Feature: Added Required Credits for users and groups
  • New Feature: Added Required Credit shortcodes: [uo_ceu_days_remaining] and [uo_ceu_credits_remaining]
  • New Feature: Added Required Credit Deficiency Report
  • New Feature: Added Required Credit email reminders


  • Initial Release

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