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Having some trouble with Tin Canny? Before you file a support ticket, use the Site Check tool to quickly diagnose common problems. If you experience issues related to modules not loading, the Mark Complete button not unlocking, or xAPI not being tracked, start with this.

Using the check is as easy as visiting the Site Check tab in the Tin Canny section of /wp-admin/. If you’ve made changes, click the Re-check button to validate the new settings.

Anything that doesn’t pass suggests that you will have problems with Tin Canny operations and the system will suggest possible causes. If you can’t resolve them on your own, reach out to Uncanny Owl support and we can lend a hand.

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  1. Bryan
    Bryan says:

    Hi the site testing shows “Your site’s Tin Canny xAPI endpoint is unreachable”. Does this impact my ability to upload and render SCORM content on my learndash site?

    • Ryan
      Ryan says:

      Hi Bryan, it wouldn’t affect your ability to upload and output content, but it would definitely break xAPI and SCORM data capture. You should definitely try to fix it if you are trying to capture that data (usually it’s blocking by a sitewide redirect, like a maintenance plugin, or permalinks being set to Plain, but there could be other reasons). You can open a ticket if you need more assistance with this.



Please note that this is not a support forum. If you are experiencing issues on your site, please open a support ticket instead. Site-specific support questions submitted as comments will be unanswered.

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