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When Group Leaders begin managing their groups on the front end using the Groups Plugin, they will be able to assign redemption keys to users they invite to join a group (more about this in the Group Management Page article). Setting up the Registration page and other ways for users to redeem their shortcodes will be important so Group Leaders can direct users to the right place and you can set up email communication to send the appropriate links to users who have been invited with a redemption key.

As shown in the table above, a user registration page can be set up for new users to register and redeem their keys the first time they use the site.  Using keys is optional and this page may not be needed; it’s only used when keys are distributed.  There is no variable for the registration page in email templates, so if you use it, make sure you add the page URL to your templates or link to this page from your site menu so all new users can find it.

Registration With the Built-In Registration Form

Uncanny LearnDash Groups includes a simple registration form for end users:


User Registration Shortcode Attributes

Attribute/Block Setting NameDescriptionAttribute/Block Setting ValuesDefault Value
redirectRedirects the user to the specified page after they submit the formA relative or absolute URLnone (keeps user on same page)
code_optionalSpecifies whether or not the registration code is an optional field"yes" or "no"no
auto_loginSpecifies whether or not the user should automatically be logged in on form submission"yes" or "no"yes
roleSpecifies the new user's roleany valid WordPress role (e.g. "group_leader")subscriber

Terms & Conditions Checkbox

Terms and conditions setting

Fig 3.2 Terms & Conditions settings editor.

You can create your own custom Terms & Conditions statement which can be added to your registration form (See Fig. 3.2 above). To enable this feature just add your statement to the text editor and click the save button. Your form will now include your Terms & Conditions checkbox as part of your registration form (see Fig 3.3 below). Please note that this feature does not apply if you are using a Gravity Form for group registration.

Enrollment Form for Existing Users

We didn’t forget about existing users. With the shortcode below, you can add logged in users to a group by having them redeem an enrollment key in the text field.


This form also supports the redirect and role attributes as described above.

Registration with Gravity Forms

In version 2.1 of the Groups plugin and later, Gravity Forms registration forms can be used in place of the built-in form. For this to work, you must have both Gravity Forms and the User Registration add-on for Gravity Forms on your site.

To use Gravity Forms:

  1. Create a new registration form with registration feed on a new page. Test it to make sure it’s working.
  2. Navigate to Uncanny Groups > Gravity Forms as an administrator.
  3. Use the drop-down list at the top of the page to select the Gravity Form you’re using for the registration process with Groups (this registration form should only be used in conjunction with Groups; create separate registration forms if other users will register outside of the Groups workflow).
  4. Once selected, an enrollment key field will be added to the bottom of the form automatically to allow (or force) users to add a registration key.  If you want to position the field in form manually, add an Uncanny Code field to the form.  This will replace the auto-added field.

As of version 3.0.4, the Gravity Forms User Verification feature is supported.  Once users are verified, they will be added to the correct group.

Registration with Theme My Login

In version 2.6 of the Groups plugin and later, Theme My Login registration forms can be used in place of the built-in form.

To use Theme My Login, set up a Theme My Login registration form on a new page. Test the form first to ensure it’s working, then navigate to Uncanny Groups > Theme My Login as an administrator. Check Use Custom Theme My Login registration form that includes Registration Code field. Once selected, an enrolment key field will be added to the bottom of the form automatically to allow (or force) users to add a registration key.

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  1. Bart Cassidy
    Bart Cassidy says:

    Hi Team,
    My Client has learndash. They want to maintain the Group. They want to allow the user to register their course. Also, Group Leader wants to maintain their Student progress.

    They need group leaders to be able to do:
    Manage students in their group and their course progress
    Register/invite new students

    For this client query, How can fulfil the Uncanny Group plugin? I need your comments. Kindly help me to move forward.

    Thank you.



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