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  • Added: Attributes category and course_category to [uo_groups_create_group] shortocde to limit the courses available in the form
  • Added: Featured image field to Create Group form (in both the back end and front end)
  • Added: Filters to modify or disable plugin emails:
ulgm_maybe_send_group_email //for all user emails
ulgm_maybe_send_welcome_email //for welcome email
ulgm_maybe_send_redemption_email //for redemption email
ulgm_maybe_resend_redemption_email //for resend redemption email
Example (disabling emails):
 add_filter('ulgm_maybe_send_group_email', '__return_false'); 
 add_filter('ulgm_maybe_send_welcome_email', '__return_false'); 
 add_filter('ulgm_maybe_send_redemption_email', '__return_false'); 
 add_filter('ulgm_maybe_resend_redemption_email', '__return_false');
  • Updated: Email users function now sends a separate email to each user in the group rather than a single email with all users BCC’d
  • Updated: CSS on modal dialog close button for better compatibility with some themes
  • Updated: Bulk Add & Invite no longer overwrites First Name and Last Name data for existing users
  • Updated: Upload users via .csv now supports columns in any order
  • Updated: [uo_groups_create_group] now works for Administrators, Group Leaders, and any role with the manage_options capability
  • Fixed: Remove Group Leader button not showing up in some situations
  • Fixed: Add user button non-functional in Internet Explorer 11
  • Fixed: SQL syntax error being logged on some operations
  • Fixed: [uo_groups_create_group] content no longer renders above page content
  • Fixed: Bulk Add & Invite users form now sends the correct email to the newly added users (new users get the New User Welcome Email and existing users get the Existing User Welcome email)


  • Added: Notice displayed and plugin automatically deactivated if LearnDash is not active
  • Updated: After submitting the Bulk Add & Invite Users form, the group that users were added to remains the active group
  • Updated: Improved error handling in front end .csv user upload
  • Updated: File name of individual progress report .csv now includes user’s first name and last name (or user ID if those fields are blank)
  • Fixed: Course Name column populated in .csv export of individual progress report
  • Fixed: Bug in Email Group Members function that prevented emails from being sent on some server configurations


  • Added: Bulk Add & Invite Users interface
  • Added: Front-end Create Group form shortcode: uo_groups_create_group
  • Added: do_action at end of process_manual_group function for developers
  • Added: Front-end interface for group leaders to email group members
  • Added: Support for Theme My Login registration forms
  • Updated: Dropdowns on Course and Quiz reports now appear inline instead of stacked vertically
  • Updated: Dropdowns on course and quiz reports now auto-populate if only one option is available, instead of forcing the user to select an option
  • Updated: Improved support for LearnDash custom labels
  • Updated: Group Management UI permissions – improved support for Administrators and custom roles
  • Fixed: Bulk discount calculations when “I will enter prices inclusive of tax” is checked in WooCommerce settings
  • Fixed: General tab missing on WooCommerce Subscription products
  • Fixed: auto_login and redirect attributes of uo_groups_registration_form shortcode now working if enrollment code not entered
  • Fixed: Save button did not work on Settings page on some sites
  • Fixed: Visibility of __sleep method (PHP 7 notice)


  • Added: Individual learner progress report (accessible by clicking on a user’s status on the Group Management page)
  • Added: CSV export capability on course and individual reports
  • Added: Optional Terms and Conditions checkbox on the groups registration form
  • Added: quiz-order parameter to sort the quiz dropdown on [uo_groups_quiz_report].  Possible values include  ‘ID’,’title’,’date’,’menu_order’
  • Added: quiz-orderby parameter to sort the quiz dropdown on [uo_groups_quiz_report]. Possible values include ‘ASC’,’DESC”
  • Updated: Re-labeled “Progress Report” button as “Course Report”
  • Updated: Users that have not yet started a course now appear in the Course Report with progress at 0%
  • Updated: Bulk Discount line no longer appears on Buy/Add Courses page if bulk discount is not enabled
  • Updated: Removed word “Group” from the top of the Course, Learner and Quiz report shortcodes
  • Updated: Design of settings pages in back-end
  • Fixed: #GroupName token now works in Group Leader welcome emails
  • Fixed: Error creating a variable subscription product while Uncanny LearnDash Groups is active
  • Fixed: Quiz dropdown is now filtered based on group and course dropdown selections on Safari and iOS


  • Added: Option to allow Group Leaders to delete members to free up seats even after they’ve started or completed courses
  • Added: Option to prevent Group Leaders from taking up a seat when added to the Enrolled Users table
  • Added: [uo_groups] parameter add_group_leader_button to show/hide the Add Group Leader button
  • Added: Additional string localizations
  • Added: course-order parameter to sort the course dropdown on [uo_groups_course_report] and [uo_groups_quiz_report].  Possible values include  ‘ID’,’title’,’date’,’menu_order’
  • Updated: Group Leaders can now be removed from the Enrolled Users table
  • Fixed: Checkboxes displayed missing fonts on some systems
  • Known Issues: Quiz dropdown on Quiz Report ignores group and course filters on iOS and Safari


  • Added: Course filter on Quiz report
  • Updated: Dates and times in Progress and Quiz reports now reflect the time zone selected in WordPress settings
  • Updated: Group dropdown no longer appears on Progress and Quiz reports if the leader is assigned to only one group
  • Updated: “Registration Code” field label changed to “Enrollment Key” on registration form
  • Fixed: First Name and Last Name tokens are now populated in the welcome email when “Send Enrollment Key” is selected in the Add User dialog
  • Fixed: Group leader user is now created correctly when creating a group at Uncanny Groups > Create Group
  • Fixed: Error messages are now displayed correctly in the Add Group Leader dialog box
  • Fixed: Links to essay questions in the quiz report now work correctly


  • Added: Additional parameter for [uo_groups] shortcode: key_options that hides key-related options in the Add User and Upload Users dialogs
  • Updated: CSS styling and layout of [uo_groups_buy_courses] shortcode
  • Updated: CSS styling of [uo_groups_registration_form] shortcode
  • Updated: Plugin will no longer redirect users to the Group Management page on successful checkout
  • Updated: [uo_groups_url] shortcode is now visible only to Group Leaders and Administrators
  • Updated: Styling of Create Group page (in WordPress admin panel) is now consistent with Settings page
  • Updated: Order of product types in dropdown on Edit Product screen


  • Added: Support for Gravity Forms registration forms
  • Added: Improved compatibility with WP Better Emails
  • Updated: Quiz report now displays First Name, Last Name and Email rather than Username
  • Updated: Creating a group from Uncanny Groups > Create Group now suppresses the default WordPress new user email and correctly populates the #Password token in the email to the group leader
  • Updated: Additional strings are now translatable
  • Fixed: Group dropdown on Progress Report page no longer limited to 10 groups
  • Fixed: Line breaks are preserved in emails
  • Fixed: Error messages were not being displayed when fields were populated incorrectly in the Add User dialog
  • Fixed: Group Management report would get stuck if the group was empty (no users)


  • NOTE: This is a major update, including UI changes. If possible, we recommend updating on a staging environment prior to updating on your live site.
  • Added: Support for pre-configured subscription-based licenses with WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • Added: Many shortcode parameters that enable customization of the Group Management page (https://www.uncannyowl.com/knowledge-base/group-management-page/#Customizing_the_Group_Management_Page)
  • Added: User Interface color palette options in Uncanny Groups > Settings
  • Added: Support for post-amount currency symbols on the Buy Courses page
  • Updated: User Interface and styling of Group Management page
  • Updated: Styling of Progress Report, Quiz Report and Settings pages
  • Updated: Users deleted prior to being removed from a group will now credit the deleted user’s seat to the group
  • Updated: Welcome emails are now sent as HTML instead of plain text
  • Updated: Non-functional column sorting removed from group leaders table
  • Updated: Div class “error” on Buy Courses page changed to “uo_groups_error”
  • Updated: Additional plugin strings are now translatable
  • Fixed: User’s status now only shows “Completed” when all courses in the group have been completed
  • Fixed: Password sent in group leader welcome email now works correctly
  • Fixed: #GroupName token in emails now populates with group name
  • Fixed: Subtotal on Buy Courses page displayed incorrect amount in some situations
  • Fixed: Errors preventing users from registering into groups in some situations
  • Fixed: JSON error at checkout when using Stripe payment gateway
  • Fixed: Users can no longer add multiple licenses to the cart, causing an error at checkout
  • Fixed: Groups bulk discount no longer affects standard WooCommerce products
  • Fixed: Group Leader now receives a welcome email when a new group is created from Uncanny Groups > Create Group


  • Fixed: CSS conflict with Event Tickets Plus
  • Fixed: Missing CSS on Bulk Discounts page


  • Added: Support for up to 10 bulk discount levels
  • Added: A setting to include Group Course products in the order when users build a custom license.  This enables integration with other plugins that perform actions on purchase such as Follow Up Emails, WP Fusion, Memberium, etc.
  • Updated: Checkout CSS styles removed because they caused conflicts with some themes
  • Fixed: Cleaned up a number of PHP notices


  • Added: Option to control whether group leaders are automatically added as group members
  • Updated: Group Leaders can now remove any other Group Leader, but not themselves
  • Updated: WooCommerce orders no longer autocomplete
  • Fixed: Cost calculations when group leaders other than the original purchaser add seats or courses to a group
  • Removed: Global setting to show license products in store – setting is at the product level as of version 1.2


  • Added: The ability to for an admin or shop manager to manually set the price of a group license product
  • Updated: Only admin and shop manager created license products are shown in the WooCommerce store when “Show License Products in Store” is checked
  • Updated: Quiz report now shows “No Stats Recorded” instead of a spinning progress indicator if no statistics have been captured for the quiz
  • Updated: Group License and Group Course products are now fully compatible with WooCommerce 3+
  • Fixed: Miscellaneous jQuery modal dialog issues on some sites
  • Fixed: “Sold Individually” product setting now functions correctly with Groups plugin active
  • Fixed: Pagination buttons no longer cause the page to jump
  • Fixed: Message displayed when a group leader attempts to remove the original group leader
  • Fixed: Group management page and group progress report now display all courses assigned to the group
  • Fixed: Adding a group leader would freeze if the LearnDash Group Registration module of the LearnDash Toolkit Pro is enabled
  • Fixed: Default email message now contains #Password instead of just Password


  • Added: Link to sample .csv file in Upload Users dialog box
  • Fixed: incorrect form label and ID attributes
  • Fixed: Typo in registration message
  • Fixed: $post variable conflict with plugins, including WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing
  • Fixed: pagination link in the members table


  • Updated: Plugin now utilizes jQuery library included with WordPress instead of enqueuing its own version, which should resolve numerous miscellaneous theme and plugin conflicts
  • Updated: Made additional UI strings translatable
  • Fixed: All translatable strings now use uncanny-learndash-groups textdomain
  • Fixed: Email tokens are now case insensitive
  • Fixed: If an existing user is specified as Group Leader on the Create Group page, the user’s role is now correctly changed to Group Leader
  • Fixed: [uo_groups_url] shortcode now works correctly


  • Added: Group course list now link to courses
  • Added: New email variables for #SiteName and #GroupName
  • Added: Ability to set From Name, From Email and Reply-to on email settings page
  • Updated: CSS classes on group course list
  • Updated: Replaced “Name” column with “First Name” and “Last Name” columns on group progress report
  • Updated: Users with group_leader role can now be removed from the group member list as long as they are not leader of the current group and have not started any courses
  • Fixed: Password sent to users added with “Add and Invite Users” now works consistently


  • Updated: Added uog_header style to table spans to avoid CSS class naming conflicts
  • Fixed: Group Progress Reports not loading in some environments


  • Fixed: csv upload dialog displays correct error message when incompatible file format detected
  • Fixed: On plugin activation, pages are now created with correct shortcodes
  • Fixed: Progress report no longer allows access if user does not have Group Leader role
  • Fixed: Per Seat Text in settings is now displayed on group management page


  • Initial release

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