Configure Bulk Discounts

If you are using the Uncanny Groups for LearnDash plugin with WooCommerce, you will see a Bulk Discount option under the Uncanny Groups menu.  Bulk discounts are optional and are applied when buyers of group licenses pass seat/license thresholds (including when seats and courses are added after purchase). These bulk discounts are automatically calculated and applied to Group License purchases at checkout.  All applicable prices and bulk discounts are also recalculated if Group Leaders add seats and courses to existing Group Licenses via the Group Management page.

Bulk discounts for subscription group products require Uncanny Groups 4.0 or higher. The same settings apply to both subscription and regular group purchases.

You can set up to three discount rules based on a minimum quantity of seats purchased.

  1. As an administrator in the back end, choose Uncanny Groups > Bulk Discount.
  2. Check Enable Bulk Discount.
  3. Set up the minimum quantity of seats and the discount you would like to be applied if that minimum quantity is reached, and click on Add discount line. You can remove previous discounts using the Remove last discount line button.
  4. Click Save Bulk Discount to save the changes.

Fig. 8. Up to ten bulk discount rules can be applied to the purchase of Group Course Products, automatically calculated at the cart and check out steps.

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