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Add Seats and Courses after Group Purchase

LearnDash Groups that were created through a purchase of either a Group License product or from the Buy Courses/Group page can have seats or courses added by the Group Leader following purchase.

Please note: The Add Seats button on the Group Management page will only be shown if the group was created from a purchase and the buttons are not hidden using attributes for the Group Management page. The Add Courses button has the same restrictions (though it is disabled for subscription-based groups, those only support adding seats) AND it will only appear for groups created from the Buy Courses/Group page.

When Group Leaders click the Add Courses button, they will see a list of the other courses available (these are Group Course products) and the prices for those courses. Bulk discounts will apply to volume purchases of courses, so the user will see a discount applied on this page for additional courses. Note that with version 3.1.1 of the Groups plugin and later, the Group Leader will see and be charged the difference in cost only. Before version 3.1.1, we show the original purchase value and then apply a credit based on the original purchase.

Buy Courses for a Group

When Group Leaders click the Add Seats button, they will be given the option to add additional learners to the group by choosing the number of students to add and completing the transaction. Note that bulk discounts apply based on the total number of users for the group, not just the number being added. If a group has 10 seats and there’s a bulk discount that’s applied for 10 users, and the Group Leader adds 2 more seats, the discount will be applied.

Additional settings for subscriptions

Seats can be added to groups created with a subscription but the steps and considerations are a bit different. Rules for adding seats to subscription-based groups are covered in this article.

Important Note

The WooCommerce orders and products associated with Group Licenses should not be deleted.  If they are deleted or trashed, users may encounter errors when trying to add users, seats or courses to their groups.  In these cases, the group can be downgraded to a Basic LearnDash Group from the Edit Group page.

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