Front End LearnDash Group Creation

Version 2.6 introduced a new shortcode to enable Group Leaders and Administrators to create groups from the WordPress front end:

[uo_groups_create_group category="" course_category=""]

This shortcode renders the same group creation form that’s available in the WordPress admin panel under Uncanny Groups > Create Group.

The category and course_category attributes accept category slugs and limit the courses available in the form to the specified category(ies).  To specify multiple categories, separate category slugs with commas.

The fields required to create a group are:

  • Group name
  • Total number of seats available
  • Courses available to the group
  • Group leader email address
  • Group leader first name
  • Group leader last name

Optional fields include:

Once the form is submitted, the group is automatically created and the new group will be available to the Group Leader to manage via their Group Management page.  If the Group Leader assigned is a new user, an email will be sent to them containing their username and password.  Existing users that have been assigned as a Group Leader will also be sent an email and will automatically be able to see and manage the group the next time they log into the site.

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