BuddyBoss Group Sync

The Uncanny Groups 3.9 release added the ability to sync changes made to LearnDash groups using this plugin to be synced with BuddyBoss social groups. This means that when users are added or removed from groups using our Group Management page, or LearnDash groups are created by our plugin, these changes can be reflected on the BuddyBoss side too.

For this to work, the LearnDash Group Sync and Auto Create Social Group settings must be enabled under BuddyBoss > Integrations > LearnDash on a BuddyBoss site. This is not set up or managed in Uncanny Groups, we detect the settings for BuddyBoss and use those. Please see the screenshot below for reference.

BuddyBoss Groups Sync with LearnDash Groups

When these settings are enabled, the following things will happen on the Uncanny Groups side:

  1. When a LearnDash group is created by the Uncanny Groups plugin, an associated BuddyBoss social group is created.
  2. When a user is added to a group from the Group Management page in our plugin, the user is added to the associated BuddyBoss group. If the user is a student they are added as a “Member”. If the user is a Group Leader they are added as an “Organizer”. This works for adding single usersadding multiple users and adding users via CSV import.
  3. When users are removed from a group from the Group Management page, they are removed from the associated BuddyBoss social group.
  4. When users are added or removed by an administrator from the LearnDash edit group page, we sync the change to the associated BuddyBoss group.
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