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[uo_groups_redemption_form]Adds a single field redemption form for enrollment keys, to be used on pages or in widgets, with existing users.
[uo_groups]The Group Management page provides all the functionality for Group Leaders to manage their own groups.
[uo_groups_course_report]The Group Leader Report (which can also be accessed from the Group Management page) allows Group Leaders to view progress reports of their group members.
[uo_groups_registration_form]The Groups Registration page is a custom registration page you can use when inviting users to join a group and redeem an enrollment code.
[uo_groups_quiz_report]The Group Leader Quiz Report allows Group Leaders to view quiz reports of their group members.
[uo_groups_buy_courses]The Buy Courses page allows Group Leaders and new customers to purchase courses and create new groups directly. This page is only auto-generated if you activate the plugin after WooCommerce is installed and active.
[uo_groups_restrict_content user_groups="123,456"][/uo_groups_restrict_content]Allows for the creation of targeted messaging for logged in group members on pages and posts, based on group id.
[uo_groups_url text="Button Text"]Adds a button to the front end display for logged in Group Leaders and links them to the Group Management page. By default the button text will be Group Management. You can set the button text using the text attribute.

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    • Ryan
      Ryan says:

      Hi Jeff,

      All shortcodes here are fully defined in other Knowledge Base articles in the Groups plugin. This page is just meant to capture all shortcodes because of some requests to show everything available in the plugin. In future we’ll consider adding links to the respective articles where they’re more fully defined in case you go straight to this page.



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