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Version 3.0 of the Uncanny LearnDash Groups plugin added an easy way for Group Leaders to manage uploaded LearnDash assignments in the front end. This helps to eliminate the need for Group Leaders to require access to /wp-admin/.

To add front end essay question management to a page on your site, use this shortcode:

[uo_groups_assignments status="all|graded|ungraded" columns="Title, Student, Status, Points, Assigned Course, Assigned Lesson, Comments, Date"]

The assignment management table is very wide, so we highly recommend that you don’t include a sidebar on the page.

To set which assignments are shown by default, use the status attribute:


If the status attribute is not included, the default is ungraded.

To set which columns are visible by default, use the columns attribute:

columns="Title, Student, Status, Points, Assigned Course, Assigned Lesson, Comments, Date"

Include all of the columns you want shown.  The columns not included in the attribute will be hidden by default, but users will still be able to show them by checking the associated checkbox.

With this shortcode, Group Leaders can:

  • Download and review assignments submitted by users in their group and quickly access the associated lesson, course or comments
  • Approve and assign points to assignments submitted by users in their group
  • Filter assignments by group, course, lesson and status (approved/not approved)
  • Filter rows by data in any column using the Search field
  • Sort submitted assignments by any column
  • View the columns that are relevant to them and hide the rest
  • Drag and drop to reorder columns
  • Drag to resize columns

Using Front-End Assignment Management

  • Hover over the assignment title to download and view the assignment.
  • Hover over the assignment title to delete the assignment.
  • Check the box next to assignments to delete or approve multiple assignments.
  • Click the assignment title to open a modal dialog that shows the assignment details and allows you to assign points (if points are enabled for the assignment) and/or approve the assignment.

adding points modal box

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6 replies
  1. Ben
    Ben says:

    Is there any way using this plugin that group leaders can access the awarded certificate to a user other than be emailed a copy on completion? It would be good if they could also access this from the dashboard for compliance type courses.

  2. Tom Horton
    Tom Horton says:

    Hi Ryan – all of our assignments are photos, which we’d like to be able to review without having to download each one individually. Is it possible to show the assignment as an image box on the assignment management page?

    • Ryan
      Ryan says:

      You should definitely file a support ticket in this situation (from inside your account or via email at support@uncannyowl.com). When you do, let us know what exactly Group Leaders are seeing, whether you’re offloading files (e.g. to S3), and maybe if the users with issues have multiple roles. Thanks



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