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Generate Historical LearnDash Course Credits

Version 3.2 of the Uncanny Continuing Education Credits plugin adds the ability to generate missing credit records. This means that students who completed LearnDash courses before installing of the plugin and/or before credits were assigned to the course can have a permanent record of the completion stored and a credit value assigned.

Generate Continuing Education Credits for LearnDash

To generate historical completion records, perform the following:

  1. Edit a LearnDash course in/wp-admin/ and make sure it has a credit value assigned.
  2. Navigate to Uncanny CEUs > Generate CEUs  as in the screenshot above (this may have different text depending on what you call credits in our plugin).
  3. Choose a course from the drop-down list.
  4. Click the Add missing records button to generate missing credits and completion records.

Please note the following when using this tool:

  • Credits are only awarded for students that have a LearnDash completion record but no credits for that completion. It will not modify CEU values for existing users that already have credits assigned. In other words, if a course had a credit value of 2.0 assigned, a user completed the course and earned 2 credits, then you change the value to 3.0 and run the Generate CEUs function, the student will continue to have 2.0 earned credits, not 3.0.
  • Only courses with a credit value greater than 0 can be awarded credits. If you don’t see a course in the drop-down list, make sure it has credits assigned.
  • The batch generation of credits does not consider course and group enrollment. This means that if the user has a historical completion but no credit, we will award credits even if the user no longer has access to the course.
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