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bbPress Shortcodes

[bbp-forum-index]Displays the entire forums on your site
[bbp-forum-form]Displays the ‘New Forum’ form
[bbp-single-forum id=32]Displays the topics of the specified forum
[bbp-topic-index]Displays the most recent 15 topics across all your forums with pagination
[bbp-topic-form]Displays the ‘New Topic’ form where you can choose the forum that this topic is to be associated with
[bbp-topic-form forum_id=3]Displays the ‘New Topic Form’ for the specified forum
[bbp-single-topic id=2]Displays a single topic
[bbp-reply-form]Displays the ‘New Reply’ form
[bbp-single-reply id=2]Displays a single reply
[bbp-topic-tags]Displays a tag cloud of all topic tags
[bbp-single-tag id=3]Displays a list of all topics associated with the specified tag
[bbp-single-view id='popular']
[bbp-single-view id=’no-replies’]
Displays topics associated with a specific view. Available values: popular, no-replies.
[bbp-search]Displays the search input form
[bbp-search-form]Displays the search form template
[bbp-login]Displays the login screen
[bbp-register]Displays the register screen
[bbp-lost-pass]Displays the lost password screen
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