Award CEU credits for anything!

Today’s 3.1 release of the Uncanny Continuing Education Credits plugin is probably our biggest change to that plugin in the past year. It adds a number of changes based around this concept: credits can be awarded for anything.

Yes, it is still a LearnDash plugin and does still require LearnDash. Credits are no longer tied to LearnDash courses, however. Admins can now add and remove credits for anything they want—that might be a classroom training session, attending a virtual event, completing third-party training, etc. There are no limits to how this might be used.

Add and delete continuing education credits

Here’s what users will now see when adding credits from the Credits Report:

Uncanny Course Report: Add CEUs

From this page, you can choose a user to assign credits to, the number of credits, the date and time for the credits, and whether or not the credits are for a LearnDash course. If they are, you can choose to mark the course as completed when you assign the credits. If the credits are not for a LearnDash course, you can assign a label to the credits so they’re easy to identify in reports. (For LearnDash courses, the title is automatically the course name.)

Deleting credits is easy too, just selected credit entries in the report and click the Delete credits button.

Uncanny Automator integration

We added preliminary support for Uncanny Automator in the previous release of the Continuing Education Credits plugin, but with the new changes to support adding and removing credits the opportunities have really expanded. These 2 major changes, support for adding and removing any credit types plus Uncanny Automator integration, really move this plugin beyond LearnDash. Credits can now be triggered by submitting a form, earning a badge, making a donation, attending a live event, or really anything else at all that you can think of. And with Automator recipes, all of this happens automatically, no development or manual intervention is required.

Uncanny CEUs and Uncanny Automator

The screenshot above shows what this looks like in practice. Yes, this means you can award credits for anything in LearnDash too: passing a quiz, completing a lesson, submitting an assignment and more. Another interesting thing in the release is that the new custom credits, and credits awarded by Automat recipes, can trigger our multi-course and multi-credit certificates.

Other updates

This release probably gives you an  idea of where we’re headed with this plugin and all of the exciting things that will be possible. It’s also an important release because it fixes an issue with changes to LearnDash PDF generation and it improves compatibility with the latest WordPress versions. For those reasons, this update is strongly recommended for all users of our plugin.

Do you have some interesting use cases for how you’ll connect Automator recipes to continuing education credits? Let us know in the comments!