Tin Canny Update: New Uploader

Over the years, a common challenge elearning course authors have had with WordPress is uploading and managing really large files. It’s not uncommon to see xAPI and SCORM file sizes in the hundreds of MB, and a few weeks ago, we helped a user with a file that was over 5 GB in size. The WordPress upload system wasn’t really designed for files of this size, so a few months ago we started building a completely different upload system for our Tin Canny users.

Introducing the new Tin Canny Uploader

We’re excited to include the new uploader in our Tin Canny 4.3 release. This is what it looks like:

Tin Canny Uploader

How it works is very different than the uploader in previous versions. Instead of relying on WordPress to upload a huge file to the website, then unzip and process it, the new uploader uses your browser to inspect files in the zip folder and upload them individually. For large files, they are uploaded in chunks. This approach ensures that all files, regardless of size, and even if the web server doesn’t support unzip extensions, should work without issue.

The new uploader works in all editors and page builders we currently support, as well as the Manage Content page in /wp-admin/. Modules uploaded with the previous tool will continue to work as before; the uploader will be used for new uploads.

Reporting tabs are separate pages

To help with some performance in the back end, reports in the Tin Canny menu (so the Course, User, Tin Can and xAPI Quiz report tabs) are now set up as separate pages rather than just different tabs on the same page. Everything will look the same and work the same way, but behind the scenes there are some different URLs (this may affect links if you used direct links to tabs in /wp-admin/).

Those are the highlights for the 4.3 release. We hope you find the changes helpful!