Toolkit Pro 4.1: Drip topics & Autocomplete with Formidable Forms

We’re excited to announce another big release of our most popular premium plugin, Uncanny Toolkit Pro for LearnDash. The 4.1 update adds 3 completely new modules for LearnDash users: Drip Topics by LearnDash Group, Autocomplete Lessons & Topics on Fluent Forms Submission and Autocomplete Lessons & Topics on Formidable Forms Submission. There are also a few enhancements for existing modules that we’re excited to share.

Drip Topics by LearnDash Group

Current Toolkit Pro users will already be familiar with our popular drip module for lessons, “Drip Lessons by LearnDash Group“. As you might expect, this new module is effectively the same thing as what we offer for lessons–except for topics. The settings will all be familiar, and there’s even support for the LearnDash Notifications plugin.

LearnDash drip topic by group

Autocomplete Lessons & Topics on Form Submission

The 2 new modules for Formidable Forms and Fluent Forms mirror what we have for Gravity Forms and WPForms. With the new tools, we can detect when a Formidable Form or Fluent Form appears on a lesson or topic page, hide the Mark Complete button, and require the users to submit a form entry. In Formidable Forms (and other other form integrations), the user will be advanced to the next step in the course. Unfortunately, Fluent Forms cannot support automatic advancement, only completion of the lesson or topic, so users must manually advance if they are using this module with Fluent Forms (this is a Fluent Forms limitation).

Settings are available for the new modules to control how to handle previous form entries and availability of the module (Formidable at the form level, Fluent at the global level, as Fluent can’t support custom form-level settings):

Fluent Forms autocomplete LearnDash lessons & topics

The modules are particularly useful for things like course feedback forms, and if added to the last lesson or topic of a course, they can be used as a final step to trigger course completion.

Restrict Page Access based on course completion

Our popular Restrict Page Access tool gains a new option for page permissions: Course Completion. Here’s what the updated metabox looks like in Gutenberg:

Restrict page access based on LearnDash course completionThis allows you to control any page or post type and base it on the user having a particular role, enrollment in a course, completion of a course, or enrollment in a group. You can also redirect users to a page explaining the restriction or just show a message to users that don’t have access.

Enhanced CSV Reports: Start date

Our Enhanced LearnDash CSV Reports module adds support for 1 new column type: Start date. Now it’s easy to see at a glance when users started a course (or gained access via a group).

Those are the highlights of the new Toolkit Pro release. We hope you find them useful!