What’s New in Uncanny Groups 6.0

Uncanny Groups 6.0 is a huge release that adds some big features that we’ve been planning for years. The biggest features are support for purchasing multiple groups in a single transaction and new Woo settings, but there’s a lot more in this release.

Sell multiple LearnDash Groups

By far the biggest feature in 6.0 is support for multiple groups in a single purchase. Previously, we ran into too many issues trying to offer this type of support, like, how to capture names for different groups as part of the checkout workflow, how to handle bulk and other discounts, scenarios involving users adding courses they choose to groups, etc.

It took a lot of hard work and plugin changes to pull it off, and yes, you will notice a lot of differences as a result. As an example, you will now see group name fields on product and cart pages, like this:

Group Name Product PageMaybe you don’t want the new options to buy multiple group products in 1 transaction and to see group name fields everywhere? In that case, we have these new options in WooCommerce Settings:

One note here is that while someone can buy multiple groups linked to different products in the same transaction, you cannot buy multiple groups linked to the same product. That remains a Woo limitation, as trying to add a higher quantity linked to an existing product ID in your cart will just add more seats to the group; it can’t be an independent group.

Certainly this is a huge change, and will affect existing sites, so this may be a feature you want to test in a Staging environment before you deploy 6.0 to a live environment.

New tax support

Group products now support their own tax class and status. This allows groups that are generated dynamically, like from the Buy Courses page where users can choose courses for their groups, to support a default tax class and status. You’ll find these new options in the WooCommerce Settings under Uncanny Groups > Settings, and they look like this:

Group Tax Options

Group Progress search

Searching for users on the Manage Progress page is now much easier, with autocomplete now supported as you enter a user name, email address key, or ID. It looks like this:

Manage Progress select users

Accessibility improvements

We had some WCAG-related concerns raised a few months ago from one of our users, so we have been gradually working on enhancements to overall accessibility. This includes:

  • Better keyboard navigation in the front end.
  • Making it easier for screen readers to detect values in drop-down lists.
  • Adding some labels where the purpose of a field wasn’t clear.

Other improvements

The bulk discount system has been rebuilt so that the license price is discounted directly instead of adding a negative fee to the order. This improves compatibility with other plugins that may have trouble accounting for a negative fee (including several PDF invoice plugins), which are now compatible with Uncanny Groups.

For sites with huge essay volumes (and we’ve seen several with hundreds of thousands), there’s a new load_on_render=”no” attribute for the Front End Essay Question Management shortcode (as well as a Gutenberg block panel) that you can use to not load any essays on page visit, like this:

[uo_groups_essays load_on_render=”no”]

When this is enabled, it means essays will only be loaded after the user has set up filters and initiated the query. This means report loading time will be faster and won’t fail on very high-volume sites.

New compatibility options with AffiliateWP have been added, so now the referral amount applies to the order total after the discount (if one exists).

That covers the highlights of the Uncanny Groups 6.0 release. We hope you enjoy all of the new features!