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The Course Report in the Tin Canny LearnDash Reporting plugin gives you a high-level overview of how many users and LearnDash courses there are on your WordPress site, course completion and Tin Can activities in the last month, and top three courses that have the most and least completions (use the drop-down menu to toggle between most and least completed courses)*. The same overview data are also available in your WordPress Dashboard.

* Group Leaders will see consolidated course data of their assigned groups. If a Group Leader is assigned to multiple groups, they will see all data together in the Course Report.

Course Report Overview

Notice in the Recent Activities chart there are two Y-axes. The left Y-axis indicates number of course completions, and the right Y-axis indicates number of Tin Can activities.

Course Table

Below the overview charts on the course report, you’ll see a list of all the LearnDash courses, their enrollment data and status of progress and completion. You can sort data by any column heading or use the Search field to find a particular course.

Course List

Please remember that this shows LearnDash data only. The % complete is based on the number of LearnDash lessons and topics completed, not progress in uploaded modules. Similarly, the Quiz Score considers LearnDash quizzes only. The Tin Can and xAPI Quiz reports show data for uploaded modules.

Note when a user is deleted from WordPress, LearnDash deletes all their user information but not their course access which is stored at the course level. This may cause inconsistency in the enrollment count.

Drill-Down Course Report

Clicking on a course (or any value in the same row) on the list will give you a more detailed account of the course, including the overall performance data and a list of enrolled users.

Course Detail Report

Note that % complete is based on LearnDash lesson completions.

Please Note: This report is for LearnDash data and progress completion across lessons and topics in LearnDash courses. Data for SCORM/xAPI modules is included in the Tin Can report.

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