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Version 2.9.5 and higher of Tin Canny support front end quiz reports for Group Leaders, Administrators and Students. These reports combine both LearnDash quiz scores with SCORM/xAPI scores recorded in Tin Canny to present a consolidated view of test data.

The Group Leader Quiz Report allows Administrators and Group leaders to view consolidated quiz data and Tin Canny scores (e.g. H5P, iSpring, Storyline, etc.) by group and by course. On the LearnDash side, the report captures the highest scores (if multiple attempts were made) for each LearnDash quiz for users in a selected group and course. If quiz statistics were turned on for those quizzes (before the results were recorded), a link is also made available to detailed quiz results for that user and quiz attempt. On the Tin Canny side of the data, this report retrieves results that would normally be in the Tin Can report tab of the back end. Anything that appears in that report with a score is included in the Group Quiz report.

Tin Canny Group Quiz Report

To add the Group Leader report to a page, use this shortcode:


The User Quiz Report outputs LearnDash quiz scores and SCORM/xAPI scores across all courses for the user viewing the page. This report can be used by students, Group Leaders and administrators to see a consolidated list of results.

Tin Canny User Quiz Report

Use this shortcode to populate the User Quiz Report:


What’s especially powerful with the 2 new reports is that they can be linked, so users listed in the Group Leader report are hyperlinked to the user report. Administrators and Group Leaders can then drill down into a user to see their results across everything.

Use the “user_report_url” attribute with the uo_group_quiz_report shortcode to link them:

[uo_group_quiz_report user_report_url="%URL%"]

Replace the URL in the example above with the URL of the user report (the page that contains the [uo_individual_quiz_report] shortcode). You can use a static or relative URL, and as long as it’s populated correctly, the Group Report will now link to individual score reports.

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