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The Disable Emails module of the Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit, when activated, blocks all outgoing emails from your site.  This is useful on staging sites, or when developing or debugging features or functions that generate emails that you don’t want users to receive.

To disable emails, simply activate the module.  While emails are disabled, a handy reminder appears in your admin bar:


Sometimes you don’t want users to receive emails, but you still want to see what emails are being generated by your site.  In these cases, it’s helpful to have an email logging plugin such as Email Log installed.  While the Disable Emails module is active, no emails will be sent, but they will still be logged by the Email Log plugin.

Note:  This plugin will only block emails sent via WordPress’ wp_mail() function.  Almost all WordPress plugins use the wp_mail() function to send email, and we haven’t had any issues with emails getting through while the module is active.

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