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Front End Login[uo_login_ui]
Displays a login form.
Hide Admin BarN/AHides the admin bar for selected WordPress user roles.
LearnDash Breadcrumb Links[uo_breadcrumbs]Displays a breadcrumb trail with proper Course > Lesson > Topic hierarchy.
LearnDash Certificate WidgetN/AAdds a widget that displays a list of the certificates a user has earned.
LearnDash Groups in User ProfilesN/ADisplays a list of a user's LearnDash Groups on their profile page.
LearnDash Login/Logout RedirectN/AEnables you to specify the pages that users are redirected to when logging into or out of the site.
LearnDash Resume Button[uo_learndash_resume]Displays a button that takes the user back to their most recently visited Course, Lesson, Topic, or Quiz page.
Log In/Log Out Links[uo_login_link]
Displays either a link to log in, a link to log out, a link that displays Log In or Log Out depending on the user's logged in status, or a link to the register page. Also enables adding a Log In or Log Out link to menus.
Menu Item VisibilityN/AEnables a setting on menu items that lets you specify whether the item is displayed to logged in users, logged out users, or everyone.
Show Learndash Certificates[uo_learndash_certificates]Displays a list of the certificates a user has earned.
Show or Hide Content[uo_show for="loggedin"][/uo_show]
[uo_show for="loggedout"][/uo_show]
Hides or shows content based on the user's logged in status.
User Switching ModuleN/AGives administrators (or anyone with the capability to edit users) the ability to switch between user accounts for testing purposes
Not Enrolled RedirectN/AAdds a field to the Edit Course screen that enables you to specify a URL that users will be redirected to if they attempt to access the course but are not enrolled
Topics Autocomplete LessonsN/AWhen enabled, if all topics in a lesson are marked as completed, the Lesson is marked completed automatically.

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