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Hide Admin Bar module settingsWe really don’t like our learners seeing the WordPress admin bar. It’s confusing and it exposes the WordPress dashboard to regular users (there are much better ways for users to manage their profiles).

Enabling this module lets you turn off the black admin bar at the tops of pages for any roles that you want. Check off any roles that you don’t want seeing the admin bar and they won’t see it. For typical LearnDash sites, this will include the Subscriber and Customer roles.

Any role with the manage_options capability will NOT be affected by this module and not displayed in the list of roles.  This typically includes all Administrators, and any other roles to which that capability has been added through a role editing plugin.

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13 replies
  1. Brooke Elise
    Brooke Elise says:

    After the new Uncanny Owl update, this function isn’t working properly. It either hides the admin bar for everyone, or shows it for everyone. Selecting individual roles (such as editor, subscriber, etc.) no longer works

    • Ken Young
      Ken Young says:

      Unfortunately, we weren’t able to reproduce these issues on our test server; the admin bar was hidden for the selected roles only. Can you try disabling plugins and/or switching themes to identify what’s causing the issue so we can investigate further?

      • James
        James says:

        Hi Ken, This may give some idea. Some users have multiple roles. Just did some testing and here’s what I found (I was about to create a ticket lol)

        In LD, I have found I need to have BOTH roles “Administrator” AND “Group Leader” for things to work properly. Using the UO “hide admin bar” module, it seems now to now respect any selection and force it.

        For instance, If I set “admin” to SHOW, and “group leader” to HIDE, the toolbar is hidden. If I remove my group leader role, the toolbar shows again.

        So checking one is overriding having one not checked. Hope that makes sense.

        • Ryan
          Ryan says:

          Hi James, we strongly recommend you don’t combine roles to achieve the results you want. Inevitably you will have issues, including with our plugins. As an admin setting up and testing things for your users, we recommend you have one admin user, one Group Leader user and a regular user for testing, and that you switch between them for testing each user experience. This is far safer than adding multiple roles to admin users. This holds true as well for Group Leaders assigned at the group level; if someone is assigned to a group as a Leader, make sure they have the Group Leader role. Don’t assign admins as leaders of a group. With this approach you shouldn’t see issues like the ones you describe.

          • James Morris
            James Morris says:

            I generally agree with this in theory however I also run workshops and am personally a group leader for students in my own classes, and would like to benefit from reporting tools. There are other work-arounds I’ll explore, thanks for the reminder of best practices. I thought I’d just chime in because of the issues other were having, as it may be related.

    • Ken Young
      Ken Young says:

      In the next release, any user with the manage_options capability (typically only Administrators) will be able to see the bar, no matter what other roles they have. This should fix most issues with the bar not being visible to admins.

  2. Johanna Heath
    Johanna Heath says:

    Just installed the latest version of the plugin.
    It appears that when a user has multiple roles, e.g. Administrator & Group Leader, where the admin bar is ticked for one and not the other, the admin bar is not displayed at all. I would expect ‘displayed’ to take priority over ‘not displayed’

    • Ryan
      Ryan says:

      Hi Johanna, you’re right, this has been something we’ve had a few complaints about over the last few months. We decided to err on the side of caution (and we don’t really recommend users have multiple roles anyway, particularly Admin/Group Leader), but given the feedback we may consider adding a switch to the settings to indicate priority over the admin bar visibility.



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