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3.2 [2020-07-29]

  • Added: Ability to specify character types to be included in code (lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers)
  • Updated: Code generation form reorganized to improve UX
  • Updated: Leading/trailing spaces are now removed from codes entered on the native registration form and manually entered codes
  • Updated: Added redirect attribute to [uo_user_redeem_code]
  • Updated: Set list-style-type:none on [uo_user_redeem_code] form field

3.1.2 [2020-05-08]

  • Fixed: Field labels missing on registration form


  • Added: Filter to increase/decrease maximum character length for manually generated codes: ulc_manual_code_length
  • Added: Action after a code is redeemed: ulc_user_redeemed_code
  • Updated: Converted code field in database to text from varchar(30) to support longer codes
  • Updated: Improved string localization
  • Updated: Reordered wp-admin menu entries
  • Updated: Replaced "No coupon found" with "No codes found" on View codes page
  • Fixed: Removed "Dash Separation" field from Modify Codes screen


  • Added: Ability to manually enter custom codes
  • Added: Ability to edit associated course(s)/groups(s), expiration date and uses per code of previously created codes
  • Added: Visual editor for "Successfully redeemed" message, to make it easier to provide users with next steps after successful code redemption
  • Added: Terms and conditions checkbox option for built-in registration form
  • Added: Filter for characters included in auto-generated codes: ulc_code_characters
  • Updated: Randomly generated codes now include lowercase letters
  • Updated: Clicking "Generate Codes" with no course or group selected now shows an error message
  • Updated: Tweaked some default error messages for grammar/style
  • Fixed: "Enter Coupon Code" placeholder and Redeem button strings are now translatable
  • Fixed: SQL warning on installation on some sites


  • Updated: EDD updater class
  • Fixed: Issue introduced in 3.0.3 where codes were not being processed on checkout
  • Fixed: PHP Warning when LearnDash is not active


  • Added: Automatic template overrides!  Override any file in the /src/templates folder by copying it into /uncanny-codes/ in your child theme
  • Updated: Improved performance
  • Updated: No longer loading MooTools and SimpleModal frameworks when not necessary (improves compatibility with other plugins and themes)
  • Fixed: Field labels on WooCommerce checkout not appearing


  • Fixed: Class name conflict with Uncanny LearnDash Groups plugin


  • Added: Redeemed date column to CSV export of enrollment codes
  • Added: Enrollment Code field type for Gravity Forms - field can now be placed anywhere in the form
  • Added: Confirmation dialog when deleting codes
  • Added: Duplicate checking when generating codes
  • Updated: Search for a specific enrollment code now returns the group the code is in if the search is done from the code group page
  • Fixed: Support for Theme My Login 6.x restored
  • Fixed: Link to submit support ticket added when active license detected
  • Fixed: Undefined index notice on View Codes page


  • Added: Support for code expiry dates
  • Added: Ability to search by code text
  • Added: Basic Gutenberg block support
  • Added: Support for Theme My Login 7.x
  • Added: Support for Gravity Forms User Verification feature
  • Added: Uncanny 3.0 plugin architecture (tabs for Help, License Activation, etc.)
  • Updated: Improved translation support
  • Updated: Improved multisite compatibility
  • Fixed: Typo in registration form success message
  • Fixed: "Require LearnDash Code" checkbox not showing up on WooCommerce products


  • Added: .pot file for translations
  • Updated: Design of back-end pages
  • Updated: Styling of the included registration form
  • Fixed: Error on save of Gravity Forms settings if fields are empty


  • Updated: Generated codes no longer include similar characters (e.g. i,l,0,o, etc.)



  • Updated: Added support for Theme My Login registration forms with option to make Registration Code a required field


  • Fixed: Settings page not saving when GravityForms User Add On is not active
  • Fixed: Database query for potential failure on some servers


  • Fixed: switch_to_locale() 500 server error on stock user registration form
  • Fixed: Settings page if Gravity Forms User Registration Add-on is not active
  • Removed: Default button CSS on stock user registration form


  • Initial release

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