Cancelling Codes

With the ability to generate hundreds or thousands of codes for use by businesses and organizations, the ability to cancel codes within a batch helps when managing situations such as partial refunds or the need to invalidate codes after limited registration thresholds have been met.

To prepare for code cancellation, you’ll need to create a CSV containing the codes to be cancelled in a column with the heading “code”. You can upload a file in the same format as the file generated when you download a code batch. Uncanny Codes will ignore the other columns:

Once you have the .csv, go to Uncanny Codes > Cancel codes and upload the .csv:

Once you’ve uploaded the .csv, you’ll see a confirmation of the codes that were cancelled:

The code batch page will also indicate the codes that have been cancelled:

Codes that have been cancelled can no longer be redeemed by users.  Upon redemption, they will see an error message indicating the code has been cancelled:

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