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Using Codes with Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms Setup

To use Gravity Forms with the Uncanny LearnDash Codes plugin, your site must have Gravity Forms (and the User Registration add-on installed if you link code redemption to user registration). This is our preferred method of controlling registration with the plugin, but we do recognize that it’s an expensive option that isn’t suitable to every site.

Before you can use codes with Gravity Forms, you must set up a new form, configure it to register a user, and add this form to a page. These steps are outside the scope of our Knowledge Base, but more information is available here.

Note: If you enable User Activation in the User Registration Feed settings of your form, the code will not be redeemed until the user is activated/verified.

Uncanny LearnDash Codes Setup

Once the form is set up as a registration form, it must be configured in the Codes plugin. To do that, navigate to Uncanny Codes > Settings as an administrator. You’ll see a section at the top of the page that looks like the screenshot below.

Gravity Forms settings for Codes

From the drop-down list at the top, choose the form that’s been set up for user registration. The checkbox beneath it controls whether entering a code is optional or required. If users can only sign up by entering a valid code, check this box. If users can sign up without entering a code, leave the box unchecked.

The remaining Gravity Forms fields simply allow label customization. They might also be used if label translation is required.

Customizing the Enrollment Code Field

In Uncanny LearnDash Codes version 3.0.1 an Enrollment Code field type was added to Gravity Forms. 

If an Enrollment Code field is not added to the form, Uncanny LearnDash Codes will automatically add a code redemption field to the bottom of the form.

If you want to place the field somewhere else in the form or customize any other attributes of the field, you can add an Enrollment Code field to your form and customize its options directly within the Gravity Forms editor.

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12 replies
    • Ryan
      Ryan says:

      The example you provided doesn’t seem to be a valid page, but to confirm, this article refers to one of 3 ways to register with codes using the Codes plugin. Gravity Forms is optional and only one of the methods available.

      The login process doesn’t involve the Codes plugin, as codes can’t be redeemed on login.

  1. Thamer Qadorah
    Thamer Qadorah says:

    I use it succisfully to make students enroll in some courses when they rigister to my site
    But the question : could i use it to make #registerd students to enroll new courses later ?

  2. Oleg Buylov
    Oleg Buylov says:

    Is it possible to apply a promocode when updating a profile, and not when creating a profile? That is, for existing users.

    • Ryan
      Ryan says:

      You will unfortunately need the User Registration add-on for this to work, and that add-on is only available with an Elite license.

  3. Pablo Narvaez
    Pablo Narvaez says:

    Hi, I had setting the redeem code in two instances whit Gravity Forms. Fisrt when the student register for first time, and second If the student want to redeem another code into his account. It was working perfect, but a few weeks ago, the integreation doesn’t work. Please can you let me know how can I fix that. Thanks.

    • Ryan
      Ryan says:

      Hi Pablo, are you able to submit a support ticket if you’re still having issues? We don’t monitor the Knowledge Base for plugin issues and don’t have tracking against it.

      When you log the ticket, let us know what shortcode you’re using and what specifically is failing.



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