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View generated codes

The View Codes page lists all code sets that have been generated in the system. Most columns are self-explanatory, but several deserve particular attention. The Action column displays buttons that enable you to:

  • edit codes
  • view a list of all codes in a set
  • download all codes into a CSV file for distribution (this is only for distribution; it doesn’t show redemption details)
  • delete entire code sets

The  Prefix and Suffix columns are the most useful ways to identify code sets. We always recommend that you set one or the other for easy identification, and we even provide a search tool for them in the upper right in case you have a large volume of code sets.

The Redeemed column shows the number of redemptions that have occurred out of the total number of available redemptions. The total equals the number of codes generated multiplied by the maximum uses per code. In other words, if 10 codes were generated with 5 redemptions allowed for each, the total available redemptions is 50.

Viewing codes

If you View the set of codes, you’ll see a page that lists the code themselves, and if there have been redemptions, who redeemed the code and on what date. For codes that allow multiple redemptions there may be multiple users and dates for each code.

list of redeemed generated codes

Editing codes

After generating a group of codes, you can edit some of the attributes of the code group, including:

  • Whether the code enrolls the user in courses or groups
  • The courses/groups associated with the code
  • The code type (paid or unpaid)
  • The number of uses per code
  • The expiry date and time

Important: Changing these attributes does not affect the behavior of any codes that have already been redeemed.

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