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Using LearnDash Codes with WooCommerce


woo-codeOnce the Uncanny Codes plugin has been activated, a new checkbox is automatically added to WooCommerce products. When this field is checked and a user tries to purchase the product, a code redemption field is automatically added to the WooCommerce checkout page.

This checkout page field is added if any products with the checkbox enabled are being purchased, but only one code can be redeemed per purchase. Because of this limitation, we recommend that you try to add multiple courses or groups to a single code rather than having users redeem multiple codes for multiple courses or groups.

When the Require LearnDash Code checkbox is selected the code field is mandatory. This option is most useful for allowing users to purchase access to LearnDash Groups, as the native LearnDash addon for WooCommerce integration only supports adding users to courses.

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