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Share LearnDash Quiz Results with Students & Educators

Give your students a new way to study and learn. Share LearnDash quiz results directly with students and give group leaders access to insightful quiz reports with Uncanny Groups, Tin Canny Reporting and Uncanny Automator. Are you looking for a way to share your students’ quiz results? Or, maybe you want to give your group leaders and educators access to powerful reporting tools so that they can analyze quiz data. Regardless of the reason, if you want to do more with your LearnDash quiz results, you’ve landed on the right page. In this article, we’ll show you how three plugins—Uncanny Groups, Tin Canny Reporting, and Uncanny Automator—can help you make the most of your LearnDash data. Let’s get to it. Introduction In this article, we’ll show you a handful of different ways to use your LearnDash data to empower group leaders and educators and optimize student learning. By the end of this article, you’ll have solutions for: We’re certain that you’re eager to learn more about implementing these solutions, so let’s take a closer look at the plugins we’ll be using. Uncanny Automator Uncanny Automator is the #1 automation and integration plugin for WordPress websites. Using simple combinations of triggers […]

Import Student Records Into LearnDash with Uncanny Toolkit Pro

Have you recently switched your LMS platform over to LearnDash? Or maybe you’re just in the beginning stages of considering a migration. Either way, you’ll eventually be faced with the question: how do I import my students’ records into LearnDash? First things first, bookmark this page! You’ll be glad you did when it comes time to transfer those records. While there are plenty of options out there for transferring course and quiz content over to LearnDash, carrying forward your students’ academic records isn’t always so simple. That’s where Uncanny Toolkit Pro and Uncanny Automator Pro come in handy. With these two plugins, you can easily transfer your students’ records from any old LMS to your new LearnDash platform with just a few clicks. Without further ado, let’s get started making that migration. Introduction We probably don’t have to tell you; maintaining meticulous records is a must for any elearning business. However, solutions for migrating student progress aren’t as obvious or seamless as solutions for migrating course and quiz content. Unless you have the right tools for the job. In this guide, we’ll show you how to import your students’ course and quiz completion data using Uncanny Toolkit Pro and Uncanny […]

How to Reset LearnDash Course Progress

Let’s go back to the beginning! Reset LearnDash course progress with Uncanny Automator for all of your compliance, education, training and certification needs. Going back to where you started isn’t always a bad thing. Just think of what happens every time you pass “Go” in Monopoly! LearnDash LMS users know, better than most, the value of starting over again. Especially in the realms of compliance training and recertification, the ability to hit the reset button is vital for learners and administrators alike. That’s why so many LearnDash users trust Uncanny Automator. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of resetting your LearnDash users’ progress with the #1 teacher’s assistant, Uncanny Automator. Provide your learners with the chance to start their educational journeys anew while simultaneously streamlining tasks for your busy course administrators. Without further ado, let’s push that reset button! Uncanny Automator for LearnDash LearnDash is the #1 LMS for WordPress users. Likewise, Uncanny Automator is #1 automation and integration tool for WordPress. Together they make an unbeatable elearning platform! Using combinations of triggers and actions, Automator can help you streamline your administrative workflows, save time and reduce costs. Furthermore, Automator seamlessly integrates LearnDash with all […]

Customize Your Uncanny Groups + LearnDash Course Reports

Add your own columns and data to Uncanny Groups and LearnDash course reports and empower your Group Leaders with the tools they need. As an e-learning educator or administrator, you know how important it is to have accurate and detailed course reports. And while LearnDash has some built-in reporting tools, oftentimes, you need additional information. Custom data fields such as a user’s job title, age, department/organization or even last login date can be invaluable for administrators, instructors and LearnDash Group Leaders. So, if you’ve been looking for a way to add more columns and custom data to your Uncanny Groups and LearnDash course reports, then you’ve found the right page. In this article, we’ll show you a few simple ways to customize your Uncanny Groups and LearnDash course reports. We’ll also show you how to make those reports visible right from your WordPress dashboard so that Group Leaders can access them. Trust us, this will be the easiest course you take all day. Custom Columns in CSV Files for Administrators For WordPress and LearnDash administrators, one of the simplest reporting tools available are LearnDash’s native CSV reports. These reports provide administrators with the ability to export basic information on users’ […]

Better Notifications for LearnDash

With the LearnDash Notifications add-on and Uncanny Automator, students and staff can stay in touch, communicate more and learn together. In self-directed elearning courses, it can be difficult for instructors to stay engaged with their students. While reports help instructors gather summary-level details on their students’ progress, they don’t keep educators in the loop as the learning unfolds. The LearnDash Notifications Add-On, however, addresses some of the challenges associated with real-time feedback. Even so, the LearnDash Notifications Add-On can’t quite always accommodate the needs of both students and instructors. For example; how do students become aware of new course availability, new feedback from instructors, or new group discussions? To promote engagement and increased learning, elearning websites require a way to reach out to students beyond the website itself. Whether you’re looking to enhance the LearnDash Notifications Add-On or replace it altogether, you’ve found the perfect solution. LearnDash Notifications Add-On In the LearnDash ecosystem, the easiest and most common way to send notifications to students and instructors (typically “Group Leaders” in LearnDash) is by email using the free LearnDash Notifications Add-On. It’s a powerful add-on that allows key LearnDash events, like course completion or assignment approval, to trigger email notifications to […]

How to Create & Sell LearnDash & WooCommerce Promo Codes

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to create and sell LearnDash and WooCommerce promo codes. Use them for course registrations, to sell event tickets or to unlock special features on your website. So you want to be a master codebreaker, do you? Well, you’ve come to the right place. With Uncanny Codes, you can create and customize unique codes to sell, unlock or promote just about anything on your website. Whether you want to use codes for event registration, product tie-ins, or to run limited promotions, Uncanny Codes has you covered. In this quick guide, we’ll show you how to create and sell promo codes and feature some of the best ways to use them. Don’t worry, you won’t actually need to know anything about cryptanalysis in order to follow along. What You’ll Need If you want to “crack the code”, you’re going to need a supercomputer— or a cipher machine and a lot of time. But if you’re trying to make some unbreakable codes of your own, all you’ll need are these awesome WordPress plugins. Uncanny Codes Uncanny Codes is the best code management plugin for WordPress. Auto-generate dozens (or thousands) of codes with your own prefix, […]

7 Cool Ways to Award LearnDash Certificates

Gold stars and extra credit are fun ways to motivate students and reward them for their hard work—but they don’t exactly speak to credentials. Certificates, however, give students something to work towards and serve as a tangible testament to their academic achievements. They also just look great hanging on the wall. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to improve student engagement using LearnDash certificates. Keep that certificate seal handy—with these eight cool ways to use LearnDash certificates, you’re going to need it! What You’ll Need Just like your students need tools for learning, you’re going to need some tools for awarding certificates and improving student engagement. Sadly, a laser pointer won’t do but we think you’ll find these plugins and add-ons much more helpful—and far less hazardous to your eyesight. They’re both easy to use and have a free version you can demo before making an investment. Uncanny Toolkit Pro Uncanny Toolkit Pro is the #1 must-have add-on for LearnDash websites—probably because it’s a masterclass in “Saving Time for Your LMS”. In addition to features such as course dashboards and personalized logins, Toolkit improves the functionality of LearnDash certificates to make administration easy and improve the student experience. […]

5 Ways to Create Free Trials of Your LearnDash Courses

Everyone learns at their own pace. Some students can run through an entire course in a day. Others might need a few weeks to really comb through the material. That’s why creating free trials for your LearnDash courses is one of the best ways to serve your students. It’s also the best conversion-boosting tool you didn’t know you had! In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you five different ways to set up free trials of your LearnDash courses. While all methods offer their own advantages, we’ll focus on the methods that give students the most flexibility to learn at their leisure. Why Offer Free Trials? If you trust your product, why not let it speak for itself? Limited trials are one of the strongest marketing tools at your disposal. Try, Don’t Deny Free trials offer no-risk, hands-on experience. Not only do your students get a taste of your course material but they can also immerse themselves in your community, giving them another reason to sign-up after their free trial expires. For once, your students will be the ones doing the testing—and we know that you’ll pass with flying colors! Get a Lead, Guaranteed More often than not, users have to […]