Transcripts for Group Leaders, Live Timer

The Uncanny Toolkit Pro for LearnDash 4.2 release is a big one that adds several new features and a number of enhancements across several modules. Let’s jump in to what’s new.

Group Leader access to Transcripts

Last week we released an Uncanny Groups update that now allows you to connect the Group Course report to student transcripts, and with today’s Toolkit Pro release completing the support, it’s now possible for Group Leaders to see a complete transcript for any of their students. This is of course an optional tool, but it makes it far easier for Group Leaders to get a printable report of student activity and accomplishments.

Adding support for transcript access on your site is easy. Simply edit the Group Course report page and add this attribute to the [uo_groups_course_report] shortcode:


Replace “123” with the ID of your transcript page. You might then end up with a shortcode that looks like this: [uo_groups_course_report transcript-page-id=”2780″]. (And yes, this attribute is also supported in the block editor.)

Now when Group Leaders or admins view the Course report, they will see a new column to access student transcripts, like this:

Group Leader LearnDash Transcripts

Please note that the transcript view that Group Leaders will see exactly matches the transcripts students see. This means it includes all learning records, not just ones associated with courses linked to groups associated with the Group Leader. It might also include custom CEU records.

Simple Course Timer: Live timer

The Simple Course Timer has long been used by LearnDash sites as a way to track active time inside a course. Rather than simply looking at a user’s start and end dates to determine time in a course, this Toolkit Pro module tracks the actual time spent in a course, lesson, topic or quiz.

While we do have shortcodes that can show users the time they have spent on a page or an entire course, it has always been a static value. On page load we output that value and it doesn’t change, so if users wanted to see an updated record of their course time, they needed to reload the page. This was particularly painful when sites used our option to restrict access to quizzes until a certain amount of time had elapsed in the course.

Today’s Toolkit Pro release adds a new shortcode for this module:


When added to any LearnDash post type, it will output the user’s current cumulative time spent in the course, and then it will count up. This new tool makes it far easier for a student to see exactly how much time they have spent in a course without having to reload the page.

Other improvements

The Enhanced Course Grid module adds a new “taxonomy_relation” attribute that you can set to AND or OR. We ran into some situations on user sites where they might specify both WordPress and LearnDash categories in the shortcode, and we always treated the course output as using “OR” operators for the taxonomies. Now you can set taxonomy_relation=”AND” in the shortcode and the courses returned will match all taxonomy rules.

The Enhanced Lessons/Topics Grid gained a new setting for showing quizzes in grids. This makes it possible to show quizzes alongside lessons or topics when they’re set at the same level. It looks like this:

Quizzes in LearnDash grids

In the Duplicate Pages & Posts module, we have changed the minimum role capability required to duplicate posts to “edit_published_posts”. This will make it easier for non-admin roles to use this tool.

The Import Users module emails have a new %Password Reset URL% token for including a plain text copy of the URL in emails. While there was an existing token that linked to the password page, it relied on an HTML link and was problematic in situations where a plain text URL would be more appropriate.

And in the Group Registration module, there are new filters for uo_ld_group_signup_registered_message, uo_ld_group_signup_joined_remove_previous_group_message and uo_ld_group_signup_joined_message to override standard module messages.

That covers the highlights of the Toolkit Pro release! We hope you the new features are useful to you.

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Ryan Moore (MA, PMP, BCom) is the Cofounder and Director of Uncanny Owl, creators of Uncanny Automator and a suite of popular add-ons for LearnDash. Since 2013, Ryan has helped thousands of companies add elearning and automation capabilities to their WordPress websites.
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