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Tin Canny 4.4 is now available, and the biggest new feature is the addition of a new type of LearnDash quiz report. There are also a number of usability improvements for existing Tin Canny users.

LearnDash Detailed Quiz Report

Yes, we have the Group Leader Quiz report in Tin Canny, and the Group Quiz report in Uncanny Groups, but we still invariably had requests for more quiz data presented in different ways. If an admin wanted to see records for users not in groups, or to identify users that hadn’t yet taken a quiz they were assigned, for example, it was very difficult to retrieve this data.

The new LearnDash Detailed Quiz reports offer a new alternative that removes some of these constraints. This is what it looks like:

LearnDash Detailed Quiz Report

There are a few key things to note in the screenshot above that differ from other quiz reports:

  • In the “Group” drop-down list, you can either choose a group or admins can show records for any group as well as users not in a group. This is a key difference, because most other reports are group-based.
  • There is no course selection. The report shows all records for a quiz, even if it’s included in multiple courses.
  • Columns are customizable.
  • Records are shown for all users with access to a quiz, not just users with quiz attempts. This makes it easy to identify users that haven’t yet completed quizzes but are assigned to them. If you don’t want this behaviour, you can easily turn it off by adding this filter to the functions.php file of your child theme:
    add_filter( ‘uotc_quiz_report_hide_unattempted_users’, ‘__return_true’ );
  • All attempts are shown, not just the highest-scoring quiz attempt.

To use the new report, add this shortcode to any page:


Besides the new report, there are a number of minor improvements, including showing the maximum file upload size when uploads are via full zip files, and removing the cancel button for full zip uploads (since the upload can’t actually be cancelled).

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