Administering LearnDash Groups

LearnDash Groups, as the name suggests, allow you to assign learners to groups, each of which with its own Group Leaders. For example, you may assign teachers as Group Leaders, each managing their own classes and students. If you sell courses to different companies, you may assign an administrator from each company as a Group Leader to manage their own courses and users.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create a new LearnDash group and assign a Group Leader, members and courses to this group. You’ll also learn how a Group Leader can manage their group members. Finally, we’ll cover additional ways to administer groups, including limiting group course access and setting up group administration pages.

You can now automatically assign learners to a group when they are enrolled into a course that’s associated with that group. This can be done on the Edit Group page:


If you are selling courses to individual users as well as to groups, you should leave this option unchecked.