Getting Started

Welcome to Uncanny LP! Now that you have your LP Administrator account, you are on your way to start creating a robust learning platform for your learners and potential customers. We’ll start off by providing you with a high-level overview of what the site looks to the users out of the box, and what you’ll see when you are logged in the first time.

There are many site capabilities you can enable with configurable options available for you to build a custom learning platform. Watch this video and find out what you can do with Uncanny LP!

If nothing else, remember that your site has many features turned off by default. If you see a shortcode rather than real content being displayed on a page, it’s because a particular site capability hasn’t been turned on. You can enable it in either Settings > LP Features or Tools > Uncanny Toolkit from the admin panel.

We’ll walk you through the initial setup in this lesson and cover the other basic capabilities in the rest of this course. Let’s start configuring your site!