Introduction to Uncanny LP

Welcome to Uncanny LP!

We created this introductory course to help you get your LP site up and running quickly, especially if you are not yet familiar with WordPress or LearnDash which are the foundation of the Uncanny Learning Platform. To help you get started, we included a lot of sample content and templates so you don’t have to build your site or courses from scratch. We’ll show you how to customize your site and turn on/off LP features.

This course is structured based on how we envision you may work through the tasks to set up your own learning platform. We’ll start by showing you how to re-brand your site. Then we’ll look at creating and editing content, eLearning courses, and media. Next, we’ll go over how to get your site ready for your visitors with registration and contact forms. Finally, we’ll touch on site administration, including managing users and groups. If you are already familiar with some of these tasks, feel free to jump into a particular topic rather than follow the lessons from beginning to finish.

As mentioned in the video above and in the Getting Started lesson, Uncanny LP is loaded with many features, some of which are not covered in this course. We understand that these features are not for everyone, so we designed separate courses that cover each of these capabilities in depth for those who need them. These advanced topics are listed at the end of this course.

Let’s get started!