Managing Pages & Posts

In this lesson, we’ll show you how to mange pages and posts on your LP site. If you are new to WordPress, it’s helpful to understand the similarities and differences between the two, and when to use which.

As indicated in this video, pages are intended for static content that doesn’t change very often. You can build pages with complex layouts using the Divi Builder to give your site a sophisticated look without having to learn much HTML or CSS coding. Posts, on the other hand, contains information that’s time-bound. Because the focus is on creating new content quickly, it’s easier to use WordPress Editor to build simple layouts.

This lesson covers different ways to create and edit pages & posts using Divi Builder and WordPress Editor. We’ll also cover where to find layout templates and how to use widgets for reusable content. As your site grows, it’s important to keep track of content changes so your website is always accessible to your visitors. We’ll show you how to monitor these changes and use a utility tool to automatically redirect users to new content.